Will You Be Caught Making a ‘Spectacle’ of Yourself?

1It’s official- Snapchat, now known as Snap Inc, has released Spectacles. The Snap Spectacles are sunglasses that record video from the user’s perspective in real time. But the real question is, would you wear them?

The glasses come in three different colors, with a built-in camera on each side of the lens. Once the user hits record by tapping a small button on the left side of the glasses, a light both inside and outside the glasses is activated. This light lets both yourself and others know when you are recording.


The purpose of these glasses is to be able to save moments in time that will last forever. These memories will no longer take up storage in your head; rather, a smartphone or computer will do the storing for you. Reliving those memories are just a click away!

There is no doubt that the best part of these sunglasses is the price. The Specs are $130 in comparison to Google glasses that are a whopping $1,500. Investing in Specs surely won’t break the bank.

The anticipation of whether these glasses will be a hit or a complete bust has each of us asking the same questions.Spectacle

Is it creepy that you can record random people at public outings? Or is it acceptable considering the light notifies people when you are recording?

And what about night life? Why would you wear sunglasses in a dark night club?  Isn’t the point of Snapchat to embarrass both you and your drunk friends on your story… and then regret it the next day. (By the way, stay tuned for our upcoming  Snapchat project.)

We want to hear your opinion on the Spectacles in the comments below. Will you be caught making a ‘Spectacle’ of yourself?

-written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally