The Power of Social Media in Politics

Social media has changed the game of politics on a multitude of levels. With increasing pressure for politicians to get the right message in front of the right person, social media has the ability to do just that. While traditional advertising is on the decline, we are seeing an increasing number of politicians utilizing social media as a way to leverage their campaign.


6 Ways Social Media Has Affected Politics

  1. Access to Pertinent Informationhp2mpjt5b6

The quickest and most accessible way to access information is to log into social media. From debates that are live streaming to political articles and real-time updates, users can find a plethora of information within seconds of logging in. Intelligence is at your fingertips.

  1. Direct Contact to Leaderspexels-photo-large

Say it ain’t so, if you want to tweet at the real Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, the opportunity lies in your hands. Platforms like Twitter make this connection more personable than ever before. Having the ability to directly contact people of political status makes people feel like their voice is heard.

  1. Controversy Attracts Attention
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Opinions stir up controversy, and controversy attracts attention. Whether it’s positive or negative,  publicity gets people talking.  Getting people to talk about the election prompts a call to action. Social media has allowed for more people to get involved with the elections, especially younger generations.

  1. Drives ActionUnited States presidential election, 2016

Social media encourages users to take action. Users can connect with people of the same political affiliation, participate in political polls, donate money to campaigns, sign a petition, and so on. Getting involved is more convenient than ever before. And convenience, well, it seems to be the underlying theme of today’s age.

It’s a funky thought to try and imagine where this upcoming election would be without social media. Social media has made a powerful impact in the way we process information and form opinions. Both parties have sought to spread their message across this nation by influencing people of all ages across all platforms. So what’s next? Voting via social media?

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-Written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally