Why a Proactive Social Media Strategy Isn’t Enough

You’ve heard it over and over- proactive outreach is the key to social media. Engaging with your target audience, building relationships, creating brand awareness, yada yada yada… your ears are accustomed to that gibberish by now. But, what if we told you that being reactive is also paramount to your social media strategy.

social media strategy

I know you may be thinking, reactive? Aren’t you suppose to plan ahead with social media? Yes, BUT… sometimes you simply cannot. Being reactive can mean anything from keeping up with current events to promptly engaging back with clients in real time. Let’s talk details!

3 Approaches to a Reactive Social Media Strategy

1. Post content reflecting current trends, events, and timely events relevant to your brand. 

Unless you have some time-predicting superpower, there is no way to foresee tomorrow’s  big event. Sure, we may be able to anticipate the future to an extent; but as far as posting timely content, it often times can’t be done until the present moment. Social media is the place for all things current and trendy. Be sure you are keeping up. Remember, social media is the most popular information source people first turn to. 

964_min2. Interact with your audience

Engaging with your audience also needs to be done in a timely manner. Responding back to someone’s comment 3 months down the road isn’t going to cut it. In fact, Facebook business pages now have a responsiveness badge that notifies Facebook users how quickly the company responds back to its audience. Considering we live in the day of instant gratification, it’s imperative to have a great first impression on a social media platform like Facebook.

hands-woman-apple-desk-large3. Watch for Opportunity

Keep your eyes open for opportunities on social media. Search for keywords in your niche and take action by jumping into conversations with people who are talking about relevant topics. This may be a great way to introduce your product or service. Also, pay special attention to users that mention your brand. Giving them a little extra love is a sure way to build up a relationship.


Next time you sit down to strategize your social media game plan, be sure to draw up a proactive AND a reactive blueprint. We want to hear what works best for you in the comments below.


-written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally