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How To Make Your Social Media Fans Fall In Love With You

Social Ally - Fall In Love Social Media

You feel nothing but joy when you see a new like or a new follower on your social media, but how strong is your relationship with that person? To really build a lasting and fulfilling relationship with your fanbase, you need to make them fall in love your brand on social media –  we mean like head over heels in love.


1. Give love to receive love.

Give love mail giveaway

To really spark things up, try giving some love back to your fans! After all, a relationship is a two-way street, right? Surprise your followers with a giveaway you know they’ll love, or a simple “Thank you” when they leave a positive review! You’ll get all giddy with all the notifications coming in next time you check your social media. 


2. The best pickup line is, “Hello.”

Picture this: You’re at a bar and everyone is doing their own thing and not one person decides to buy you a drink. Sounds like a lame night. Don’t let your social media fans feel ignored! Be the nice guy that says, “Hello,” and offer them something in return. The key is to respond to every person that engages with your brand, or is talking about something relevant to your brand. Start a conversation with people you think would benefit from your product or service. Be careful not to come on too strong and dive into a sales pitch (Creepy guy alert!). You may turn off a potential lead. Instead, play it cool and just be you. 


3. Spread the love.

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You know how your partner gets on your case about posting photos of the two of you as a couple? Well, the same goes for your followers! They love it when they see their favorite brand sharing their content (e.g. article, photo, video, or gif). They’ll be like, “Omg! A brand posted a pic of me on their social media, I am like totally Insta Famous!” They have a moment of pure bliss when they see their content posted on their favorite brand. Show them some love and share their content on your feed. They will reciprocate the love by sharing and liking your future posts.


4. Give them the VIP treatment.

Social Ally VIP fans love social media

Let your fans know they are important to you! Create a private community/group and post “Insider Exclusive” content, offer special discounts, or provide an AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum. Let them know what’s happening in your business/brand. This way, they will be more likely to follow you and consistently engage with your brand. Only the best for my baby!


5. Love me, or love me not?

Social Ally track love social media

Track key metrics (e.g. video views, engagement, link clicks) that align with your brand’s business and/or marketing goals. You don’t have to ask your fans desperately, “Do you love me and why not?” Instead, the metrics will tell you what you need to know based on their actions. Use this information to create better content. You’ll know all the right moves to make your fans’ hearts flutter.


Connecting with your followers is essential to an influential social media presence. However, like all strong and healthy relationships, it may take some time to find the right niche and then build that foundation and trust with them. Put yourself out there and start conversations with people! Be yourself by posting consistently (at least once a day), and get to know your audience through interpersonal interaction and monitoring your key performance indicators (KPIs). Once you feel like you’ve developed an engaged audience, surprise them with giveaways or repost their content. Soon, you’ll have a binding and everlasting love connection with your followers.