Content Marketing is More Than You Think

‘Content marketing’- you’ve probably heard those buzzwords flying around the Internet by now, but what does it even mean? And more importantly, how does it fit in with your social media strategy as a business?

Content marketing is defined as “providing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience.”  Providing free value can fall into an array of categories, some of which include blog posts, podcast episodes, and social media content.

Content Flow Chart Blackboard

Social media is no doubt our favorite! It is the most widely used platform when it comes to content marketing. It is not only well recognized, but more importantly,  it’s where your customers live. 

By providing valuable content via social media, you have an opportunity, easier than ever before, to directly reach your target market. As a business, you can utilize this tactic as full leverage. Here’s how:

6 Ways to Use Content Marketing For Social Media

  1. Share Photos and Videos

Marketing expert, Amy Porterfield, once said, “Images spread like wildfire.” We are the generation of  communicating via visuals. Statistics show that photos get an 87% interaction rate from your fans.

  1. Share Engaging Content

Fill in the blanks, polls, myth busters, true or false, and multiple choice questions are just a few ways to gear up viewer engagement. You have a much better shot at keeping your customer around if you actively interact with them.

  1. Share Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

We live in the era of free information. As a business owner, it’s essential to stay competitive by providing valuable information. Share tips and tricks specific to your industry and audience.

  1. Play on Nostalgia

People love to reminisce on their past. Think about your average customer’s age and what decade they best resonate with. Jump on the  #ThrowBackThursday and #FlashBackFriday train and have some fun with your fans!

  1. Share Behind The Scenes Footage

Whether it’s photos of employees in the workplace or snippets of projects that are in the works, customers love to get a feel of what a company is like behind the scenes. Nowadays, platforms like Snapchat and Instagram allow people to post in real-time, giving the user an “insider” experience.

  1. Communicate What Your Company Does

It is no myth–companies that effectively communicate with their customers are winning in the marketplace. If your target audience has a solid understanding of what your company does and how it will benefit them, they will most likely stick with you.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to social media content marketing. Get creative, test out different strategies, and see what best works for your company.  And lastly, remember to always keep your end goal in mind!

-written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally