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    Join the New Social Site That is Putting Twitter Out of Business

    As they say, all great things have to come to an end. With the advent of new social platforms, the older sites slowly die out. It happened to Tom, and now it is happening to Twitter. Last week, a new social platform emerged that has been stealing the stage with thousands of new followers. It seems that Twitter may have finally met it’s match with this new giant, the dawn of the social age: TwitFace.

    Screenshot 2015-03-30 11.34.58


    TwitFace is similar to other social sites in its methods and its attractions. Just like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it focuses around individual profiles where you share pictures and text. Friends and followers can interact with you over TwitFace by commenting and interacting with your post. What is different about this new giant is the content itself.




    Many fans and followers complained about the kind of content being shared over the outdated sites. Major life events, factual articles and intellectual discussion have been inundating the social sites to a maddening degree.

    Screenshot 2015-03-30 11.35.34


    Followers were getting tired and TwitFace answered. With this new platform, each profile is limited to only 3 distinct content steams.

    Driving Selfies

    Screenshot 2015-03-30 11.35.20


    A good driving selfie can make all the difference. Whether it’s impressing a boy in class or making your ex jealous, the car selfie is a hallmark of a properly run social page. Who wants to see content about presidential debates and war in the middle east when hot girls driving dangerously are so appealing?




    Cat Pictures



    Let’s face it, social media is made for the ailurophiles of the world. Cats are just so darn cute and we want to see more of them. Now you don’t have to scroll past pictures of family gatherings to find our favorite people anymore!





    Passive-Aggressive, Attention-Seeking Posts

    Screenshot 2015-03-30 11.35.12


    We all need an avenue to be heard, and Twitter just wasn’t cutting it. We need attention and we need it now! TwitFace provides the perfect venue for those times when you just need people to stop focusing on the world around them and start focusing on you.





    The world is changing and the demands of the people have to come first. TwitFace is the new world of online interaction and we are excited to be a part of it. To see TwitFace for yourself, follow the link here:

    Written by: Jared Doles
    Social Ally Social Media and Branding Agency

    Twitter Manners: Mind your Ps and Qs…

    1)     Keep Personal and Professional Separate

    …That’s not to say that you shouldn’t humanize your brand, but be mindful of inappropriate topics for posting via your business Twitter.

    Refrain from:

    – Aspects of your personal life

    – Inappropriate jokes

    – Personal interests or opinions regarding politics, religion or sex

    – Having private conversations on your Twitter page between you and another user. Your business account should be a public account, which means that all followers are subjected to any “mention” conversation you have with another account.


    #Twitter Manners: Mind your Ps and Qs...

    American Red Cross accidentally sent a personal tweet from their account, which is a big NO — but they recovered quickly and gracefully stating, “We’ve deleted the rogue tweet but rest assured the Red Cross is sober and we’ve confiscated the keys”


    2)    Be Punctual & Mindful of Time

    “Punctuality is the soul of business.” – Thomas Haliburton

    Being mindful of how often you post, and how long it takes for your business to respond, shows respect for your followers’ time.

    Professional Twitter accounts should post tweets during work hours on weekdays, but look into researching peak times as far as lunch hour and after-work hours. Send out a couple tweets over the weekend; be sure the weekend times vary slightly from the weekday hours. What’s a quick tactic to tell peak weekend times? Think about when you check your own social media. Midday and evening are great times.

    Live tweeting for business should be minimal and heavily considered before posting. Ask yourself, “Is this event relevant to my business? Is it worth posting, beyond simply stating that I’m at this event? Is there a person I connected with at the event from my industry that my followers will appreciate? Is there a new collaboration in the works, a new product being unveiled, or new knowledge that I can give to my consumers?” Be aware that excessive live tweeting can make followers feel overwhelmed and uninterested.

    #Twitter Manners: Mind your Ps and Qs...


    Oreo Cookie tweeted a time-sensitive post in the 30-minute power outage during the SuperBowl. They took clever advantage of the opportunity to promote their product in a shareable way.

    3)     Quality over Quantity

    Remember the phrase, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all? The same principle applies to tweeting…

    Handcrafted, thoughtful content with language that has a more individualized voice does better than generalized “buy here, click now” language. Think before you tweet by putting yourself in your follower’s shoes…what would you like to read from this business?

    Content that is few and far between does better statistically than just quantity posts, generalized content or saturation of tweets.

    #Twitter Manners: Mind your Ps and Qs...

    Toyota created the “CamryEffect” campaign during the Superbowl 2009, advertising their new car contest. Meant to be a push for interactive conversation, Toyota directly tweeted at user with spam-like language, and was not received well. They over-tweeted with uninteresting conten, and even created multiple CamryEffect accounts in their attempt at engaging even more users to tweet at them.


    Sure, all this information is helpful, but how about an example of TWEETS DONE RIGHT?  See below for a great example when moving forward with your tweets:

    #Twitter Manners: Mind your Ps and Qs...

    Theresa Gregory is a public figure in the beauty industry. She is a top multi-level marketer and works for a company that specializes in anti-aging skin care products. Her tweets have variety and they provide shareable information and interesting content to her followers. She keeps the posting to a minimum – a handful, spread throughout the course of a day.

    Written by: Lauren Clark

    Social Ally 

    Social Media and Branding Agency 


    5 Ways to Effectively Post on Pinterest

    1. Be specific! Having your descriptions be about 200 characters is ideal for most pinners. It allows you to get your point across without boring the readers!


    1. Using Hashtags is a great way to expose your pins, getting them higher on search results because you’ve categorized them as pertaining to a specific topic. The most important issue with using hashtags or keywords is being able to use them effectively and knowing your limits.
    Pinterest Hashtags and Read-on Suggestions
    Pinterest Hashtags and Read-on Suggestions



    3. Leave them wanting more! A very effective way to drive more traffic to your pins is including cliff hangers to your post, “Drum roll please…” “More here…”





    1. Know your size! The most important and intriguing aspect of Pinterest are the images. It’s important to pin high- quality images. Posting Vertical images on Pinterest takes up a
      Vertical Pinterest Real Estate
      Vertical Pinterest Real Estate

      lot more space exposing your pin more.  As you can see, the blue shoelaces-turned-bracelet took the most real estate on this search for #fashion #DIY



    Self-Promotion on Pinterest
    Self-Promotion on Pinterest

    5.  Promote yourself! The most effective way to gain followers is letting people know that you are on Pinterest and even using your Pinterest board to share an image of your own services. Don’t be afraid to use other social media sites to connect others with your boards. You can even add your Pinterest board to your Facebook Fan Page.






    Written by: StevieAnne Petitt and Jamie Thomasian
    Social Ally Social Media and Branding Agency

    Post of Facebook’s Past – Pre-Scheduling on your FanPage

    At SocialAlly, we don’t work on Sundays. We use the weekends to get inspired, connect and nurture our creative spirits.  Yet, this blog post makes its debut automatically on Sunday, after being pre-scheduled on our social media dashboard! Using pre-scheduled options allow entrepreneurs to draft campaigns and posts when inspired and then strategically send them out when the time is right.  Us entrepreneurs have much to do and must allot our free time to pursing our passions and following our purpose! Below, are steps that show you how to use your Facebook FanPage to pre-schedule posts for future times you deem best to be viewed!

    Post of Facebook's Past - Pre-Scheduling on your FanPage


    Step1:  Compose the message as you normally would.  Click on the arrow to the right of ‘Post’ clicking ‘Schedule Post’.






    Post of Facebook's Past - Pre-Scheduling on your FanPage


    Step 2: Following the queues provided, schedule a time for your post to be shared between 10 minutes and 6 months. *Want to know a #SocialMedia secret? SocialAlly regularly shares updated trending post times for various outlets. Follow us for timely strategies.





    Post of Facebook's Past - Pre-Scheduling on your FanPage


    Step 3: After you’ve selected your future post time, you’ll see it appear appropriately in your timeline/feed as 1 Scheduled Post





    Post of Facebook's Past - Pre-Scheduling on your FanPage


    Step 4: Need to adjust the time? No problem. Click ‘See Post’ as offered above. Then in the top right corner, select ‘Edit’, ‘Publish Now’ or ‘Delete Post’




    Being an entrepreneur requires a proactive and persistent heart – among many other traits! Use your Facebook FanPage’s free options you help to share your message while maximizing your time.  Here’s a another way you can use Facebook FanPage to do the work while you play! Have multiple accounts?  We can help you schedule on a variety of outlets!

    Written by: StevieAnne Petitt
    Social Ally 
    Social Media and Branding Agency

    3 Successful Tweets Building a Nest of Real Estate Followers on Twitter

    It is no secret that Twitter is one of the world’s most popular and heavily visited social media outlets on the web. With that said, it is beyond beneficial to have your brand’s voice tweeting your services as a Realtor to a community that boasts 288 million users monthly.


    Twitter was created with the mission to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. Sounds like the ideal place to share your passion and purpose of Real Estate while connecting to those who can best benefit from such, yes?


    It can seem overwhelming at first to take on a new media outlet or to begin to understand the psychology of building a following in a very limited 140-character world.


    Check out these below examples that make an impact with even the most simplistic approaches:

    Screenshot 2015-02-18 09.46.43


    Here, @TopTenRealEstat uses a few key strategies:

    1- They are consistently sharing information. Some informative, some humorous and some enticing – all while keeping the same tone of relevance in the housing market.

    2- Limited to 140 characters, they leave intriguing lead-ins (like “this metropolis” and “This head coach”) prompting folks to keep guessing until they click the available link that leads to their website.

    3- With minimal use of hashtags, they marry their one obvious call-to-action URL with a light-hearted, timely Valentine’s Day theme.


    Screenshot 2015-02-18 09.49.08



    To the right, @LennarDallas welcomes their newest homeowners, the Rogers, to the Lennar family.  This is sure to excite the Rogers family and reaffirm that they made the right choice with Lennar – heightening the likelihood they will share this post with friends and family as well. Not only will they excitedly share with their fellow Twitter followers, but those that see it will perhaps choose Lennar first as they would feel like more than just a “sale”.

    Imagine how you and your clients would feel after you made a purchase and were highlighted and celebrated as becoming a valued part of that company’s community?  This can go a very long way with not just your value, but also your visibility as a  the go-to agent.


    Screenshot 2015-02-18 09.53.27



    Here @candacejackson tweets something that engages the masses! With 62 favorites and 85 retweets (and counting), she has offered a very welcoming and empowering approach to her readers that gives the home shoppers extra leverage.  This offers her a perceived reputation of someone who isn’t out to just earn a dollar and that she understand the value of her clients’ comfort with securing such a large purchase.





    These folks have got it down and if you tailor similar posts to theirs, you’ll find yourself right at home with Twitter!  Stay consistent, highlight and celebrate the families you work with and share information that engages and benefits many without pushing a promotion for your services.  Your personality and presence alone will build your brand and connect you to like-minded people that are sure to “appreciate over time”.


    Written by: StevieAnne Petitt
    Social Ally 
    Social Media and Branding Agency