Mobile Sites and Google Getting Friendly


April 21st, Google is expanding their ranking signals for mobile-friendly sites.  This means that websites that are mobile-friendly will rank higher in the Google search inquiries than those who are not easily accessible via mobile.

Google Rank BlogThink about what this means for you as a company and you as a consumer.  Let’s take consideration as the customer first, seeing as it is them who drive our businesses anyhow.   If you have recently been in the seat of a consumer, utilizing your cell phone for an online site that just didn’t work easily, you likely became frustrated and quickly returned to the list of next best options.

In efforts to keep their Googlers happy, Google is now ranking mobile-friendly sites higher in their search engine and subsequently, sliding mobile-finicky sites down towards the bottom of the list. If your site “mostly works” on mobile but has a few areas that do not convert, Google will not land you half-way up the page.  Either your site IS or IS NOT mobile-friendly.

You can check with a few simple steps here:

  1. Go to this Easy-to-Use Checking Tool .
  2. Type in your website and click Analyze.

Of course, you may not find it within the scope of your business to have your services on mobile, but if the rankings are in your favor, why not double-check that for those on the Go, you are their first stop?