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    Pinterest for Professionals

    Pinterest is a forum to help spark ideas, inspire healthy trends, showcase popular fashion statements, and even learn new information about products and services within their reach. Just like many social media platforms (Facebook , Twitter, etc) people want to learn, as well as, engage when using social media to connect with businesses and people.

    Pinterest is far more than images. It is also about educating consumers on the benefits of your product/services, addressing questions they may not yet realize they have, and providing useful information to them. When you provide truly useful and educational information, pinners will begin to look to you as the industry expert and when they are ready to purchase, they will be drawn to purchase from the company that has been educating them throughout the process – yours!

    Pinterest for Professionals Social Ally


    #1: Pinterest shows what your brand is all about:

    Let’s take Middle Sister Wine as an example. They have many Pinterest boards that are fun and creative. They have a board called “Words of Wisdom” where they have created characters and personalities to match the different wines they offer. For the “sweet and sassy moscato” the cartoon reads “Didn’t we just have a Monday?” This is comical and engaging for readers even prompting, “Hey, I think I’m going to get some Moscato Middle Sister Wine later to celebrate my crazy Monday!” Also, pinners may re-pin your image which allowing the your post’s reach to extend and grow virally.


    #2: Pinterest drives A TON of traffic to your site

    Pinterest for Professionals Social AllyBelieve it or not, Pinterest drives MORE referral traffic than Linked in, Google+, and YouTube COMBINED. This is because you can create a direct link from Pinterest to your website from your compelling images. For example, if your business is a gym you might want to post workout tips to your Pinterest page. When you link these workout tips back to your website, Pinterest users can click on the link, go to your website and find a ton of information on your blog and begin the process of looking into joining your gym. Here is an example of a company posting a picture of workout tips on the blog “Pop Sugar”…makes you want to click on the picture and see those tips doesn’t it?



    Pinterest for Professionals Social Ally

    #3: Pinterest converts “browsers” into buyers

    As stated above, Pinterest allows you to direct people to your main site faster than any other social media website. This translates into Pinterest converting more leads or sales than any other social media counterparts. People see the interesting pictures and they are engaged to learn more or buy something on the spot!




    Written by: Lisa Liguori
    Social Ally Social Media and Branding Agency 

    12 Pinterest Pointers

    Since its launch about five years ago, Pinterest has expanded immensely. Many businesses can promote themselves and interact with Pinners. Here are some “Pinteresting” facts to optimize your user experience and marketing tactics.


    1. 28% of the entire adult US population use Pinterest. That’s more than Twitter. As it turns out, 84% of female pinners continue pinning years after they’ve signed up according to RJ Metrics.

    2. Women dominate Pinterest: 80% of pinners are female. Also, women on Pinterest are 30% more likely to shop online than women who do not use the platform.

    3. It’s popular among all generations (Millennials, Gen Xers, Boomers)  In fact, half of the users are Gen X or older



    Pinterest14. Pinning is aspirational. It tracks data on users’ aspirations for cooking, crafting, decorating, etc.

    5. Pinners are foodies! Most popular categories ranked in order: Food & Drink, DIY & Crafts, Home Decor, Holidays & Events

    6. Number of times the average Pinterest pin gets re-pinned: 11x

    7. To increase frequency of re-pins, character count is important. To be exact, 200-300 characters is ideal for sharing according to Maximize Social Business.


    Screenshot 2015-03-03 12.18.218. Pin 10-15 times a day to optimize reach according to Pinterest’s marketing service, Ahalogy.

    9. Hashtags on Pinterest aren’t like the hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Instead, hashtags lead to search results for the keyword(s), not the hashtag (like #gardeningtips for example). Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

    * Hashtags aren’t available on mobile

    * It may not always show up in search results for the hashtag.

    * It may redirect traffic away from your site. Clicking on hashtags lead to search results, not your website.

    Bonus Tip: Use a unique hashtag that’s only for your business.

    10. Customers can pin without having to go on Pinterest. Just embed single pins or entire boards on your website

    11. You can pin more than just pictures. You can pin audio (e.g. Soundcloud), gif, and video (e.g. YouTube) files too

    12. Pinterest is popular among the wealthiest consumers. Half of Pinterest users make $50K or more per year according to Ahalogy.


    Happy Pinning!

    Written by: Alyssa Guzman
    Social Ally Social Media and Branding Agency

    Make your Facebook Fan Page “Pinterest”ing… Add your Pins to the Menu!

    Are you using your Facebook Fan Page optimally?  Though Facebook has changed many features and algorithms behind-the-scenes, there are additional ways you can still use the versatile platform to showcase your business and products for free! All while making it easy for fans to connect quickly with you on media outlets you mutually share.

    This time around we are sharing how to add your current Pinterest pins to your Fanpage, just like the previously shared step-by-step guide we created for you to add your Instagram Feed!

    Its a simple process to add your Pinterest pins to your Facebook Fan Page’s menu tab:


    Screenshot 2015-02-19 13.15.35

    Step 1: From your personal page (just to pull up the appropriate fan pages linked to your account), type “Pinterest Page App” in the search box.






    Screenshot 2015-02-19 12.56.22


    Step 2: Select which fan page you will be adding your respective Pinterest pins to





    Screenshot 2015-02-19 12.57.00

    Step 3: Allow permissions for outside agency to connect the two outlets (if you agree with their terms and policy)






    Screenshot 2015-02-19 12.59.18


    Step 4: Configure settings as you deem fit for your own fan page





    Screenshot 2015-02-19 13.01.34

    Step 5:  Enjoy having your pins displayed on your fan page as well, which gives interested page viewers more of what they desire in one location!  Easy browsing makes for increased shopping and also shares your personality, attracting loyalty from like-minded pinners.

    * Consider making some pin boards private by logging into your main Pinterest page in a separate browser if you’d prefer some boards not show on your Facebook Fan Page.


    Here’s to making your Facebook Fan Page of interest with Pinterest!


    Written by: StevieAnne Petitt
    Social Ally 
    Social Media and Branding Agency 

    2014 Social Media Page Setup Instructions

    Social Media Page Setup Instructions

     Social Ally highly recommends that you create ALL of these social networks for your business in order to maximize your professional engagement and increase your Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    Personal Facebook Page Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/
    2. Fill out all of your personal information in the SIGN UP fields
    3. Skip step 1 unless you would like to connect Facebook to your email contacts
    4. Step 2 – fill out your personal profile information (the EMPLOYER field can be left blank until you make your business a Fanpage, then you can list it in that field)
    5. Step 3 – add a picture of yourself. This will be the main image of your profile that your friends and the public will be able to see
    6. Once signed in, you are able to search for people you might know; classmates, co-workers, etc. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the home screen.

    Facebook Fanpage Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/
    2. Select the category that pertains to your business – fill out the appropriate information
    3. When naming your Fanpage, keep the name consistent with all your other pages
    4. When filling out the below section, make sure you add all the categories that pertain to your business.
    5. In the description box, write a brief description about your business and what you do.
      KEEP IN MIND:  the description box indexes in Google search; make sure to add your keywords!
    6. Enter your website URL, if you have multiple; add them all


    7. Choose a unique Facebook URL; make sure it’s consistent with your branding.
    8. Upload a profile image and SKIP the next steps.
    9. Add a cover photo/profile image.
    (Click HERE for correct sizing dimensions)

    Twitter Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit https://twitter.com/
    2. Sign up for a new account
    3. Insert your name or business name into the FULL NAME field
    4. Enter your email – create password – create a UNIQUE username that applies to your business and keeps the branding consistent












    5.  Once signed into your Twitter account and you have verified your email address, click the GEAR ICON in the right hand corner, select PROFILE and add a photo, header image, website, bio, etc.
    6. If you wish to change your twitter background, click DESIGN on the left column. For correct sizing of images, see this BLOG.

    Instagram Setup Instructions:

    1. Instagram is a CELL PHONE ONLY application. To download Instagram, visit your app store on your cell phone – search for “Instagram
    2. Once downloaded to your cell phone, click REGISTER ACCOUNT.1
    3. Choose a username and name for your account (keep branding consistent to your other social media outlets)
    4. Upload your company logo or corresponding image.
    5. After the above is complete, Instagram will prompt you to “Find your Facebook friends” – this will let your Facebook friends know you have joined Instagram and they can follow you. WE SUGGEST YOU DO THIS!


    6.  In order to edit your profile and add your bio, website etc.; click the icon circled in the right corner. Click EDIT PROFILE









    7.    In order to add pictures to your Instagram, click the camera icon and you can take a live photo or browse your current phone image library.
             KEEP IN MIND: you are able to email yourself images, save them to your phone and load them onto Instagram! Be sure and ALWAYS add a description, appropriate hashtag and a call-to-action on every image you post!


    Business Google+ Page Setup Instructions:

    Remember: your personal personal Google+ page is different than a business page!

    1. Visit http://www.google.com/+/business/
    2. Google will prompt you to login to your existing gmail account; if you don’t have one, create one.
    3. If you DO NOT have an existing Google+ personal page, Google will prompt you to create one (you must do this is order to make a business page). Once complete, go back to above URL in Step 1.
    4. Choose the appropriate category for your business










    5.  If you choose a local business, Google will direct you through the appropriate steps to verify your business name and location

    6.   If you choose COMPANY, select your appropriate business category – choose a name for your business, list your website  and continue.
    (Google may ask to verify your phone number)
              Make sure to upload your company logo/image and keep branding consistent. 



    Pinterest Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit http://business.pinterest.com/en
    3. Fill out all of your business information. Be sure and include the ABOUT section that is specific as to what your business does















    4.  Be sure and add your profile picture (suggested: business logo)

    5.  Start creating BOARDS that are relevant to your business. See below for examples of Social Ally’s board names 1




    How to create a Pinterest board:

    1. Click on CREATE A BOARD


    2.  Name your board and add in a detailed description of what kind of pins your board will be displaying



















    Tumblr Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit https://www.tumblr.com – click SIGN UP in the lower left corner


    2. Once you fill out your info, click on CREATE A BLOG in the upper right corner (it will be an arrow drop-down button)

    3.  Click on CUSTOMIZE (this will allow you to customize the blog template, add business info, etc.)

    4.  Under EDIT THEME, choose a theme you like. Input your business title, description and avatar. (As you scroll down, you will see options to change text colors, etc. and add               additional business info)



    LinkedIn Company Page Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit http://www.linkedin.com/company/add/show
    2. Add your company name (keep branding consistent)
    3. Your email must be an email address associated with your business. (ie. tiffany@socialallyusa.com)











    4.   Once page is created, make sure to add a description explaining your business, any products you sell, logo, etc.


    How to add Facebook Groups:

    Remember: join LOTS of Facebook groups that pertain to your business; this is great for promoting and getting the word out!

    1. From your Facebook homepage, type your niche business keywords – click SEE MORE RESULTS at the bottom of the searched terms



    2.  Once you have clicked “SEE MORE RESULTS” click “GROUPS

    3.   A list of niche groups will appear – get crazy – join as many as you want, play around with what phrases you are searching!
    you can load them into your Social Ally Dashboard and update to them all at once and schedule them out! 1



    How to add LinkedIn Groups:

    1.  From your LinkedIn home page, click the drop down menu and select GROUPS 




    2.  JOIN, JOIN, JOIN!!! Join as many as your niche groups as possible!



    Written by: Natalie Speers

    Be Social – Follow Social Ally!

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    Ally (Al-ly) Verb: to unite, relate or connect in a personal relationship

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    2014 Social Media Cheat Sheet: Sizes for ALL Social Media Graphics

    2014 Social Media Cheat Sheet: Sizes for ALL Social Media Graphics

    Is this the ultimate social media cheat sheet? YES!!!!

    It has the sizes for ALL the social media graphics you’ll ever need! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, AND YouTube! No wonder they call it ridiculously exhaustive. Thank you for providing an excellent infographic, InfinPixels !