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    The Millennial Movement

    Millennial  MovementThis year, the millennial generation is expected to become the nation’s largest living group. As a generation comprised of 77 million people, they will surpass the Baby Boomers generation as of 2015. Millennials, who are defined as anyone born between 1980 and 2000, are not only becoming the largest group, but arguably the most tech savvy. Likely because most of them had cellphones by the time they were 12 or 13 years old.

    As a generation that grew up with status updates and blog posts, they have been programmed to speak through digital dialogue. Continuing to evolve with technology and other futuristic innovations, Millennials have been molded to constantly integrate technology into their everyday lives. A generation that has not only captured, but is continuing to capitalize on the social media market.

    The Millennial generation is a driving force behind social commerce with a purchasing power of $2.45 trillion worldwide in 2015.

    The Millennial generation is a driving force behind social commerce with a purchasing power of $2.45 trillion worldwide in 2015. For brands, the need to connect to this generation is vastly apparent, but don’t go running back to old marketing methods. Traditional advertisements don’t work on this demograhic. In fact, they hate them. So, brands need to be more creative and original to capture the attention of Gen-Y. Millennials value relational branding, which expands your brand through developing relationships. The best way to connect with your audience is to engage with them and conduct an analysis on their interests and preferences.

    Social Ally is comprised of Millennials who speak the same language as the millions of consumers that you are attempting to reach. We understand the importance of relational marketing and focus our efforts on organic content that will captivate your target market. As Millennials, we value interaction between brands and consumers giving us an advantage when reaching out to your projected market. When you gain an ally, you don’t just gain social media experts, you gain the mindset of millions of potential consumers.

    Written by: Gabrielle Melendez
    Social Ally Social Media and Branding Agency


    “This.” is a New Outlet Prompting us to Think before we Link

    “This.” Is All That


    A new media outlet has hit the map and though it is currently still in beta-testing mode, “This”. has a reputation that is preceding its launch. As online social outlets like Screenshot 2015-02-11 12.36.50Facebook, Google and Pinterest are moving away from promotional-only posts and getting back to the root of “social” media – that is, engagement – “This.” is setting the stage for relational sharing.


    “This” will only allow for one link share per day for its users. “This” invites others to selectively share quality over quantity.   Now, with such exclusivity, it may not be boasted as the next favorite, but even if it doesn’t attract millions of users, its content is likely to feed like-minded connections topics that are interesting, valuable and relevant.


    Perhaps, too, sharing just one well-thought out campaign per day will assist others in posting from passion, while also encouraging interaction as readers are aware it’s their one shot that day for said link.


    Of course, users may keep their other media outlets while finding that “This.” is where they go to connect with like-minded friends, genuinely-generated content and thoughtfully shared stories. “This.” will prompt you to think before you link.

    2014 Social Media Cheat Sheet: Sizes for ALL Social Media Graphics

    2014 Social Media Cheat Sheet: Sizes for ALL Social Media Graphics

    Is this the ultimate social media cheat sheet? YES!!!!

    It has the sizes for ALL the social media graphics you’ll ever need! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, AND YouTube! No wonder they call it ridiculously exhaustive. Thank you for providing an excellent infographic, InfinPixels !