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    12 Tips to Googling the Right Way

    12 Ways to

    What’s often overlooked these days to the average person is using the advanced search options when searching on Google. Luckily, Google is smart enough to understand layman’s terms. Yet, it’s still helpful to use advanced search tactics to narrow your search and find what you’re looking for. So, here at Social Ally we’ve conducted a list that we use ourselves when “googling” trends and relevant topics for our clients.

    1. To find an exact phrase, use quotation marks. This way Google will pull up sites that have only ‘social media,’ not ‘social’ and ‘media’ thus narrowing your search results. Example: “social media”
    2. To ignore particular words or phrases, use the dash symbol (-). This method rids your search results of unwanted material. Example: “social media” -facebook
    3. To search similar sites to a particular site, type related and the domain. How is this feature helpful? Well, let’s say you’re researching a particular topic and come across a website full of amazing content. However, you need another source but hope to find a similar site. That’s when this tip comes in handy. Example: related:buzzfeed.com (No space in between the colon and the site).
    4. To search for word(s) in a text (e.g. website, PDF document, book, etc.), you can do this one of two ways. You can either search one or multiple words in a text. This means that Google will restrict your query with specific keywords that appear on a page. Example: allintext:hot trends OR intext:coffee
    5. To search via title type allintitle or intitle and the following keyword(s). This option restricts your search query to terms in a title of a text. Example: allintitle:super fun ways to play cards OR intext:cards
    6. To search for a file type (e.g. pdf, doc, jpg), type filetype and the type of file. Example: filetype:pdf
    7. To search for either word, type in OR (must be capitalized) between the terms. This expands your search results because it shows pages that have either term. Example: iPhone OR android
    8. To search a current time in a particular city, type time followed by the city or zip code. This is helpful for traveling to different time zones. Example: city Phoenix OR city 85009
    9. To use as a calculator, type any of the following mathematical operations (i.e. +-/*) and numbers. Example: 2+2
    10. To find restaurants, type whatever type of food you have an appetite for and the zip code or ‘near me.’ This is great for when you’re new to an area or just need some ideas of where to eat dinner close to home. Example: pizza 85719 or pizza near me
    11. To look up a definition of a word, type define and the word. This one is a personal favorite of mine. This is great for expanding your vocabulary and comprehending content. Example: define extol
    12. To set a timer, type set timer and the amount of time. The timer begins as soon as you hit enter. Example: set timer 45 minutes

    Written by: Alyssa Guzman
    Social Ally Social Media and Branding Agency

    5 Ways Google is Smarter Than You



    Well folks, it has finally happened. The computers are becoming more intelligent that human beings. You don’t even have to look in an amazing high-tech facility to find them. In fact, one of the most intelligent computers is available on every computer, Ipod and cellphone: Google.

    Now don’t worry: computers are a long way from rising against us and Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be appearing in a ball of light anytime soon. Humans are still the only ones able to create, invent and innovate. However, we don’t have a brain quite like Google and most of us can’t do math problems with more than 2 digits in our heads, don’t know the exchange rate for a Russian Ruble, and can’t list every Meryl Streep movie ever made at the top of our heads. For times like this, Google has created some very useful tools that can help you get the answers you need.

    1. Google Can Calculate Tips

    How much should I tip for that $56 dollar haircut? Am I really supposed to tip that awful waitress 20%? Now, you don’t have to around and guess anymore. Just type ‘Tip Calculator’ into Google and this handy tool appears. Simply enter the percent of the tip and the amount of the bill and google will do the rest.

    Google Blog Social Ally

    1. Google is a Dictionary

    Whether you are trying to impress that girl at the bar or just winning an epic game of Scrabble, a dictionary in your pocket can be very useful. Next time you have to decide if an ostracism belongs in a zoo, just search in Google with ‘definition’ or ‘define’. Google will give you a definition, pronunciation, even common synonyms. Now, impress everyone you know with your sagacity and panache! (Bonus: Google also has a sense of humor if you ask to define ‘Anagram’)

    Google Blog Social Ally


    1. Google Can Convert Currency

    Who can honestly be expected to keep up with the ever-changing rates or currency around the world? Now given, this will probably not be the function you use several times a day, but it can be very useful in a pinch. Just type the amount and the currency you want to exchange and Google will do the rest.


    Google Blog Social Ally


    1. Google Can Do Your Math Homework

    This one would have been seriously helpful in 9th grade. Whether you are doing basic multiplication or trying to ‘Solve a Circle’, Google has you covered.

    Google Blog Social Ally

    1. Google Can Tell You The Meaning of the Universe

    For all of our Hitchhikers out there, don’t worry. Google has your back and won’t let the mice get to you.

    Google Blog


    Written by: Jared Doles
    Social Ally Social Media and Branding Agency 

    2014 Social Media Page Setup Instructions

    Social Media Page Setup Instructions

     Social Ally highly recommends that you create ALL of these social networks for your business in order to maximize your professional engagement and increase your Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    Personal Facebook Page Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/
    2. Fill out all of your personal information in the SIGN UP fields
    3. Skip step 1 unless you would like to connect Facebook to your email contacts
    4. Step 2 – fill out your personal profile information (the EMPLOYER field can be left blank until you make your business a Fanpage, then you can list it in that field)
    5. Step 3 – add a picture of yourself. This will be the main image of your profile that your friends and the public will be able to see
    6. Once signed in, you are able to search for people you might know; classmates, co-workers, etc. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the home screen.

    Facebook Fanpage Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/
    2. Select the category that pertains to your business – fill out the appropriate information
    3. When naming your Fanpage, keep the name consistent with all your other pages
    4. When filling out the below section, make sure you add all the categories that pertain to your business.
    5. In the description box, write a brief description about your business and what you do.
      KEEP IN MIND:  the description box indexes in Google search; make sure to add your keywords!
    6. Enter your website URL, if you have multiple; add them all


    7. Choose a unique Facebook URL; make sure it’s consistent with your branding.
    8. Upload a profile image and SKIP the next steps.
    9. Add a cover photo/profile image.
    (Click HERE for correct sizing dimensions)

    Twitter Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit https://twitter.com/
    2. Sign up for a new account
    3. Insert your name or business name into the FULL NAME field
    4. Enter your email – create password – create a UNIQUE username that applies to your business and keeps the branding consistent












    5.  Once signed into your Twitter account and you have verified your email address, click the GEAR ICON in the right hand corner, select PROFILE and add a photo, header image, website, bio, etc.
    6. If you wish to change your twitter background, click DESIGN on the left column. For correct sizing of images, see this BLOG.

    Instagram Setup Instructions:

    1. Instagram is a CELL PHONE ONLY application. To download Instagram, visit your app store on your cell phone – search for “Instagram
    2. Once downloaded to your cell phone, click REGISTER ACCOUNT.1
    3. Choose a username and name for your account (keep branding consistent to your other social media outlets)
    4. Upload your company logo or corresponding image.
    5. After the above is complete, Instagram will prompt you to “Find your Facebook friends” – this will let your Facebook friends know you have joined Instagram and they can follow you. WE SUGGEST YOU DO THIS!


    6.  In order to edit your profile and add your bio, website etc.; click the icon circled in the right corner. Click EDIT PROFILE









    7.    In order to add pictures to your Instagram, click the camera icon and you can take a live photo or browse your current phone image library.
             KEEP IN MIND: you are able to email yourself images, save them to your phone and load them onto Instagram! Be sure and ALWAYS add a description, appropriate hashtag and a call-to-action on every image you post!


    Business Google+ Page Setup Instructions:

    Remember: your personal personal Google+ page is different than a business page!

    1. Visit http://www.google.com/+/business/
    2. Google will prompt you to login to your existing gmail account; if you don’t have one, create one.
    3. If you DO NOT have an existing Google+ personal page, Google will prompt you to create one (you must do this is order to make a business page). Once complete, go back to above URL in Step 1.
    4. Choose the appropriate category for your business










    5.  If you choose a local business, Google will direct you through the appropriate steps to verify your business name and location

    6.   If you choose COMPANY, select your appropriate business category – choose a name for your business, list your website  and continue.
    (Google may ask to verify your phone number)
              Make sure to upload your company logo/image and keep branding consistent. 



    Pinterest Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit http://business.pinterest.com/en
    3. Fill out all of your business information. Be sure and include the ABOUT section that is specific as to what your business does















    4.  Be sure and add your profile picture (suggested: business logo)

    5.  Start creating BOARDS that are relevant to your business. See below for examples of Social Ally’s board names 1




    How to create a Pinterest board:

    1. Click on CREATE A BOARD


    2.  Name your board and add in a detailed description of what kind of pins your board will be displaying



















    Tumblr Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit https://www.tumblr.com – click SIGN UP in the lower left corner


    2. Once you fill out your info, click on CREATE A BLOG in the upper right corner (it will be an arrow drop-down button)

    3.  Click on CUSTOMIZE (this will allow you to customize the blog template, add business info, etc.)

    4.  Under EDIT THEME, choose a theme you like. Input your business title, description and avatar. (As you scroll down, you will see options to change text colors, etc. and add               additional business info)



    LinkedIn Company Page Setup Instructions:

    1. Visit http://www.linkedin.com/company/add/show
    2. Add your company name (keep branding consistent)
    3. Your email must be an email address associated with your business. (ie. tiffany@socialallyusa.com)











    4.   Once page is created, make sure to add a description explaining your business, any products you sell, logo, etc.


    How to add Facebook Groups:

    Remember: join LOTS of Facebook groups that pertain to your business; this is great for promoting and getting the word out!

    1. From your Facebook homepage, type your niche business keywords – click SEE MORE RESULTS at the bottom of the searched terms



    2.  Once you have clicked “SEE MORE RESULTS” click “GROUPS

    3.   A list of niche groups will appear – get crazy – join as many as you want, play around with what phrases you are searching!
    you can load them into your Social Ally Dashboard and update to them all at once and schedule them out! 1



    How to add LinkedIn Groups:

    1.  From your LinkedIn home page, click the drop down menu and select GROUPS 




    2.  JOIN, JOIN, JOIN!!! Join as many as your niche groups as possible!



    Written by: Natalie Speers

    Be Social – Follow Social Ally!

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    Ally (Al-ly) Verb: to unite, relate or connect in a personal relationship

    Gain an ALLY! Grow your social media presence with our management dashboard specifically designed for businesses! Request a complimentary demo at info@socialallyusa.com

    What are Hashtags and How Do We Use Them for Business?

    What are Hashtags and How Do We Use Them for Business?

    #HASHTAG  Hints for Building Your Brand and Heightening Your Engagement Probability! What are Hashtags and How Do We Use Them for Business?

    The symbol, “#”, is known as the pound sign, or, in social media lingo, “hashtag”.  And in the world of social networking, it plays an incredibly powerful role in building your brand awareness with greater chances for engagement, when used strategically.

    If a word or phrase is “hashtagged”, then the “#” sign shows up just before the word or phrase – without any spaces between content – and then acts as a label that groups together all similarly tagged posts.  For instance, if you hashtag a phrase that is referenced often, like, #TGIF, your post will join the social conversation with every other phrase that contains #TGIF.   Though you will not be flooded with other people’s like-minded posts, you have the option to monitor hash-tagged material. This is especially helpful when it comes to your business!

    You can define your business as a unique hashtag (for example: #BEginBEing), offer it each and every time you post relevant content that supports your business, and when others either comment or share your hashtag or post(s) with hashtags in it, you will be able to monitor their comments directly, without missing an opportunity to thank and engage with your potential followers.

    Once you’ve created your signature hashtag(s) for your company(ies), you can get really creative and begin to build your brand by offering complimentary goodies, links, discounts, etc. to those who share your link and repeat #YourSignatureHashtag.  This will not only entice mass sharing and enhance your engagement probability, but it will also be much easier to verify and honor those who have followed, shared and supported your various campaigns.  Happy #hashtagging!


    By: StevieAnne Petitt
    To gain even more insight on how to consciously collaborate and share your gifts with the masses via social media, contact Stevie at begin-being.com.