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    PureFlix.com is a Christian video streaming service that offers more than 6,500 family and faith-based movies and shows. Pure Flix strives to produce, distribute, and acquire feature films with the best quality standards for all Christ-centered entertainment.



    PureFlix has a very unique, ever-changing business model that required us to create an ongoing campaign that would support the large amount of content being added to PureFlix.com. Increasing the number of trial sign-ups monthly on their video streaming service and maintaining their websites customer service through social media were additional tasks we needed to keep in mind when planning their full service campaign.



    • Increased trial sign-ups
    • Increased website traffic
    • Create Brand Awareness
    • Engaging Content that converts to the overall campaign
    • Maintaining Pureflix.com online customer support through social media



    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • Pinterest
    • Tumblr
    • Youtube
    • LinkedIn





    We are very happy with our PureFlix campaign results. All Social Channels audiences grew by over 1,100% in the year since we started. We implemented a very strong customer service strategy that is still used currently as PureFlix’s main channel for any PureFlix.com customer support. We exceeded all online trial sign up goals that we set for PureFlix.


    Within a year we…

    • Increased monthly web traffic from Social Media from 152 to over 47,000
    • Increased website conversions by 9,000%


    • Facebook

      • 235% increase in impressions
      • 200,000 new fans/likes
      • 100% response rate responsiveness badge


    • Twitter:

      • Increased daily impressions from 576,000 to over 2 million (380%)
      • Engagements went up from 162 to 36,035 (2,000%)
      • Engagement increased by an average of 893%


    • Instagram:

      • Increased the Followers from 34K to 70K (103%)
      • Increased traffic to select blog posts on the Pure Flix website using Instagram stories
      • Increased Engagement from 15K to 45K


    • Pinterest

      • Increased average daily impressions from 569 to 4,574 (704%)
      • Average monthly engaged users from 0 to 24,954
      • Increased traffic to the Pure Flix Blog through Pins


    • LinkedIn

      • Increased impressions by 1,579%


    • Tumblr:

      • Increased the followers from 87 to 1044 (1100%)


    • Youtube

      • Optimized and posted videos that now have over 15,590,000 views