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    How To Make Your Social Media Fans Fall In Love With You

    Social Ally - Fall In Love Social Media You feel nothing but joy when you see a new like or a new follower on your social media, but how strong is your relationship with that person? To really build a lasting and fulfilling relationship with your fanbase, you need to make them fall in love your brand on social media -  we mean like head over heels in love.  

    1. Give love to receive love.

    Give love mail giveaway To really spark things up, try giving some love back to your fans! After all, a relationship is a two-way street, right? Surprise your followers with a giveaway you know they’ll love, or a simple “Thank you” when they leave a positive review! You'll get all giddy with all the notifications coming in next time you check your social media.   

    2. The best pickup line is, "Hello."

    [video width="1280" height="720" mp4="http://socialallyusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/InShot_20170209_165041.mp4"][/video] Picture this: You're at a bar and everyone is doing their own thing and not one person decides to buy you a drink. Sounds like a lame night. Don’t let your social media fans feel ignored! Be the nice guy that says, "Hello," and offer them something in return. The key is to respond to every person that engages with your brand, or is talking about something relevant to your brand. Start a conversation with people you think would benefit from your product or service. Be careful not to come on too strong and dive into a sales pitch (Creepy guy alert!). You may turn off a potential lead. Instead, play it cool and just be you.   

    3. Spread the love.

    social ally selfie stick selfie You know how your partner gets on your case about posting photos of the two of you as a couple? Well, the same goes for your followers! They love it when they see their favorite brand sharing their content (e.g. article, photo, video, or gif). They’ll be like, “Omg! A brand posted a pic of me on their social media, I am like totally Insta Famous!” They have a moment of pure bliss when they see their content posted on their favorite brand. Show them some love and share their content on your feed. They will reciprocate the love by sharing and liking your future posts.  

    4. Give them the VIP treatment.

    Social Ally VIP fans love social media Let your fans know they are important to you! Create a private community/group and post “Insider Exclusive” content, offer special discounts, or provide an AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum. Let them know what’s happening in your business/brand. This way, they will be more likely to follow you and consistently engage with your brand. Only the best for my baby!  

    5. Love me, or love me not?

    Social Ally track love social media Track key metrics (e.g. video views, engagement, link clicks) that align with your brand’s business and/or marketing goals. You don’t have to ask your fans desperately, “Do you love me and why not?” Instead, the metrics will tell you what you need to know based on their actions. Use this information to create better content. You’ll know all the right moves to make your fans’ hearts flutter.   Connecting with your followers is essential to an influential social media presence. However, like all strong and healthy relationships, it may take some time to find the right niche and then build that foundation and trust with them. Put yourself out there and start conversations with people! Be yourself by posting consistently (at least once a day), and get to know your audience through interpersonal interaction and monitoring your key performance indicators (KPIs). Once you feel like you've developed an engaged audience, surprise them with giveaways or repost their content. Soon, you'll have a binding and everlasting love connection with your followers.    

    Did Social Media Predict the Presidential Election?

    The results are in, the winner has been proclaimed, and ‘the people’ are taking to social media. Different opinions are flying around social media, as people exercise their First Amendment right in this time of historic change. But, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, we know both candidates used the power of social media to leverage their campaigns. Was the number of social media fans/followers each candidate had directly related to the results of the election? Let’s break it down. social-media On the day of the election, November 8th:

    Facebook Fans

    Donald: 12.3 M Hillary: 8.3 M

    Twitter Followers

    Donald: 13.1 M Hillary: 10.3 M

    Instagram Followers

    Donald: 2.9 M Hillary: 3.1 M While this may not be enough information in its entirety, it is evident that overall Trump had a larger following by 23%, considering all three platforms. Maybe social media was a better indicator than the polls after all... Was this largely due to each candidate's policies, principles, and values? We can all assume so. But could the candidate’s social media efforts have also played a major role in this? Regardless of your personal beliefs, maybe there is something to learn from Trump’s marketing campaign. trump

    According to a study conducted by EzyInsights, Trump continuously outperformed Clinton when it came to Facebook engagement. In the month of October, Trump went on Facebook Live 33 times, while Clinton went Live 11 times. Videos currently triumph over all other content being posted to Facebook right now.

    Trump not only harnessed the power of video, but he also became an expert on Twitter. He was extremely active in covering major events- voicing his opinion in real time.  Although his opinions were often times controversial, they did, however, generate a lot of attention in the mainstream media.

    It is interesting to dissect the difference in Trump vs. Clinton’s social media approach. While Clinton’s campaign, used images and text to tell a story and relate to others on an emotional level, Trump’s campaign used a much more honest and direct approach to spread his message far and wide. In total, his social media performance did, in fact, affect the election results. His high volume of activity and engagement got people talking; it was contagious. At last, our goal, as business owners who continuously strive to better market our brands, is to make sense of what worked versus what didn’t work. Let’s learn from this election, grow as a country, and stand united as one nation under God. -written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally

    5 Ways Social Media Impacts SEO

    Does social media impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? With Google being the most popular search site, many of us are wondering whether our social media efforts play a critical role on how we rank on Google. While the number of likes, retweets, +1’s may not have a direct correlation, a strong social presence does, in fact, enhance the probability of earning a better ranking on the most-widely used search engine. SEO

    Piecing Together Social Media and SEO :

    1. Link Sharing
    The stronger your social media presence, the better the chances your brand will be seen. And the more your brand is seen, the greater the propensity your website will be shared. Directly tweeting  your link opens the opportunity to improve SEO. However, if other businesses/bloggers were to feature your brand and link back to your site, this link sharing would improve your ranking on Google.
    1. Google Favors Google
    A Google+ profile is a lot more beneficial than many of you may realize. While, it’s not the most popular platform, it does, in fact, play a major role in SEO. Since Google favors Google, everything posted on Google+ is indexed in the search engine. Therefore, the more activity (e.g. posts, reviews, engagement, etc.) on Google+, the better your website will rank.
    1. Brand Searches
    One of the main goals for most businesses is to spread brand awareness, particularly via social media. With that being said, if an increasing number of people are familiar with your business, the more likely they are to Google search you. As a result, the more people that Google you, the more authority you will have on the search engine.
    1. Traffic Volume
    Increasing traffic to your website via social media is another common goal. Google uses specific metrics, such as volume of traffic, time on site, bounce rate, and pages per visit to measure the popularity of a page. These analytics are key factors in the SEO algorithm.
    1. Authoritative Ranking
    Social media sites hold major authority on Google. This is because Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. are hugely popular sites. Therefore, if your brand has profiles on these platforms, they will appear on the first page of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Appearing on the first page of Google is imperative because not many users look past the first page. SEO As you can see, social media and SEO walk hand in hand. Optimizing your social outlets will only benefit your business in the long run. The overall organic success of your company can be contributed to how much effort you are putting into your social media. -written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally

    The Power of Social Media in Politics

    Social media has changed the game of politics on a multitude of levels. With increasing pressure for politicians to get the right message in front of the right person, social media has the ability to do just that. While traditional advertising is on the decline, we are seeing an increasing number of politicians utilizing social media as a way to leverage their campaign. unnamed

    6 Ways Social Media Has Affected Politics

    1. Access to Pertinent Informationhp2mpjt5b6
    The quickest and most accessible way to access information is to log into social media. From debates that are live streaming to political articles and real-time updates, users can find a plethora of information within seconds of logging in. Intelligence is at your fingertips.
    1. Direct Contact to Leaderspexels-photo-large
    Say it ain’t so, if you want to tweet at the real Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, the opportunity lies in your hands. Platforms like Twitter make this connection more personable than ever before. Having the ability to directly contact people of political status makes people feel like their voice is heard.
    1. Controversy Attracts Attention social media politics
    Opinions stir up controversy, and controversy attracts attention. Whether it’s positive or negative,  publicity gets people talking.  Getting people to talk about the election prompts a call to action. Social media has allowed for more people to get involved with the elections, especially younger generations.
    1. Drives ActionUnited States presidential election, 2016
    Social media encourages users to take action. Users can connect with people of the same political affiliation, participate in political polls, donate money to campaigns, sign a petition, and so on. Getting involved is more convenient than ever before. And convenience, well, it seems to be the underlying theme of today’s age. It’s a funky thought to try and imagine where this upcoming election would be without social media. Social media has made a powerful impact in the way we process information and form opinions. Both parties have sought to spread their message across this nation by influencing people of all ages across all platforms. So what’s next? Voting via social media? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below. -Written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally

    Why a Proactive Social Media Strategy Isn’t Enough

    You’ve heard it over and over- proactive outreach is the key to social media. Engaging with your target audience, building relationships, creating brand awareness, yada yada yada… your ears are accustomed to that gibberish by now. But, what if we told you that being reactive is also paramount to your social media strategy. social media strategy I know you may be thinking, reactive? Aren’t you suppose to plan ahead with social media? Yes, BUT… sometimes you simply cannot. Being reactive can mean anything from keeping up with current events to promptly engaging back with clients in real time. Let’s talk details!

    3 Approaches to a Reactive Social Media Strategy

    1. Post content reflecting current trends, events, and timely events relevant to your brand.  Unless you have some time-predicting superpower, there is no way to foresee tomorrow’s  big event. Sure, we may be able to anticipate the future to an extent; but as far as posting timely content, it often times can’t be done until the present moment. Social media is the place for all things current and trendy. Be sure you are keeping up. Remember, social media is the most popular information source people first turn to.  964_min2. Interact with your audience Engaging with your audience also needs to be done in a timely manner. Responding back to someone’s comment 3 months down the road isn’t going to cut it. In fact, Facebook business pages now have a responsiveness badge that notifies Facebook users how quickly the company responds back to its audience. Considering we live in the day of instant gratification, it’s imperative to have a great first impression on a social media platform like Facebook. hands-woman-apple-desk-large3. Watch for Opportunity Keep your eyes open for opportunities on social media. Search for keywords in your niche and take action by jumping into conversations with people who are talking about relevant topics. This may be a great way to introduce your product or service. Also, pay special attention to users that mention your brand. Giving them a little extra love is a sure way to build up a relationship. hhz5npnr1t Next time you sit down to strategize your social media game plan, be sure to draw up a proactive AND a reactive blueprint. We want to hear what works best for you in the comments below. the-opportunity -written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally

    The Simple Solution to Mastering Social Media

    Keeping up with social media can be overwhelming, to say the least. Attempting to master Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. will have your brain spinning in no time. How are you suppose to find the time to post, know what content to actually post, and which platforms to post on. The questions are endless! To address your concerns, we have tested a number of solutions, and the results have concluded there is, in fact, one simple answer- post images. People love to look at images, whether it’s behind-the-scenes photos, quotes, or pictures of your product. According to CMO Council, images receive 94% more views than plain text. WOW! girls-on-phones So to keep matters simple, create graphics that you can post to all your social media platforms. By popular demand, images fly on every social media network.

    To break it down in a little more detail, we put together a list of how to utilize photos within the most popular social media platforms for business.

    tcs-social-media Facebook: Optimal photo size: 1200 x 900 With over 1.55 billion active users, Facebook is the most-widely used network around the world. The accessibility to reach a large audience on Facebook can be helpful in establishing your online presence. By posting images on Facebook- you can promote your product or service, share valuable content, update your fans on company news, etc. Paying to play will surely boost exposure to your Facebook audience. *hint, hint* Twitter: Optimal photo size: 1024 x 512 Again, tweeting out images will grab people’s attention. People are visual creatures by nature! Twitter is also a  great platform to reach out and  connect with like-minded people in your industry. There’s never been an easier way to directly reach these big names. To give you an idea: If you create a graphic that quotes someone notable, try tagging them in your tweet. Taking the initiative may result in an unexpected flow of brand momentum. Instagram: Optimal photo size: 1936 x 1936 Instgram's sole purpose is to share photos. Need I say more? Don’t want to sound too promotional? But still want your audience to remember your brand? Instagram is your answer! Be consistent with posting creative graphics and your audience may just remember your brand in their next purchasing decision. LinkedIn: Optimal photo size: 800 x 400 As you may already know, LinkedIn is a large platform which allows professionals to connect with one another. Like a Facebook status update, you can upload photos as frequently as you desire. If your brand is looking to attract individuals in the professional sector, this is a great place to start. Share useful content on LinkedIn to target those  desirable prospects. Our last and final tip is to stay consistent with your images. Be sure your social media content is cohesive with your brand’s appearance. The solution is simple at last! -Written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally    

    Will You Be Caught Making a ‘Spectacle’ of Yourself?

    1It’s official- Snapchat, now known as Snap Inc, has released Spectacles. The Snap Spectacles are sunglasses that record video from the user’s perspective in real time. But the real question is, would you wear them? The glasses come in three different colors, with a built-in camera on each side of the lens. Once the user hits record by tapping a small button on the left side of the glasses, a light both inside and outside the glasses is activated. This light lets both yourself and others know when you are recording. snapchat-snap-spectacles-designboom-18001 The purpose of these glasses is to be able to save moments in time that will last forever. These memories will no longer take up storage in your head; rather, a smartphone or computer will do the storing for you. Reliving those memories are just a click away! There is no doubt that the best part of these sunglasses is the price. The Specs are $130 in comparison to Google glasses that are a whopping $1,500. Investing in Specs surely won’t break the bank. The anticipation of whether these glasses will be a hit or a complete bust has each of us asking the same questions.Spectacle Is it creepy that you can record random people at public outings? Or is it acceptable considering the light notifies people when you are recording? And what about night life? Why would you wear sunglasses in a dark night club?  Isn’t the point of Snapchat to embarrass both you and your drunk friends on your story... and then regret it the next day. (By the way, stay tuned for our upcoming  Snapchat project.) We want to hear your opinion on the Spectacles in the comments below. Will you be caught making a ‘Spectacle’ of yourself? -written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally

    6 Ways to Humanize Your Social Media Efforts

    humanize your brand Navigating the social world as a brand can often times feel intimidating. If social media is mostly comprised of individuals interacting with other individuals, then how do you position yourself as a company? After all, you want to sound like a human, not just another promotional company.

    6 Ways to Humanize Your Brand

    1. Be a Person on Social Media, Not a Robot
    There’s a lot to be said about a company that takes the time to be authentic and personal on social media. Sure, automation works in some forms, but when it comes to dealing with a fan at hand, it’s important they know there is a real person, behind the keyboard, not a robot. This will show that your company cares, and in turn, it will build loyalty in your brand.show that your company cares, and in turn, it will build loyalty in your brand. 2
    1. Speak in Your Customer’s Lingo
    If your audience is mainly educated professionals, then speaking to them in a formal manner  would be a lot more ideal than using street jargon. The same goes for social media. Consider who your audience is, how they best communicate, and what they relate to. 3-thursday-jeremyminer-7figuresalestip2-1
    1. Engage and Interact With Your Fans
    If you don’t want to look like another stationary logo on the internet, it’s important to interact with your fans. Spark a conversation, reply back to people, give shout outs, respond to customer complaints… you get the picture. Take ownership in showing your audience that their voices matter most. capture
    1. Own Up to Your Mistakes
    Considering the topic of discussion is humanizing your brand, we can all admit to making our fair share of mistakes. I mean we really are human after all! Own up to typos, poor word choice, and blunt blunders. Poke fun at yourself light-heartedly and fess up folks. az-tv-custom_march-05
    1. Use Humor to Connect With Your Audience
    As humans, we can always count on laughter to unite us. Stimulating an emotional response is the easiest way to connect with your audience. So, what better way than making them smile? Remember to keep the humor tailored toward your ideal customer. july-29th-custom
    1. Keep up With Timely Events
    Being active in the present is a sure way to keep people’s attention. This goes for holidays, trends, news, national days, etc. Your audience will trust you more in knowing you are not a machine, but a person, like them, who has a grasp on the things going on around them. sunday As for final thoughts, remember to always keep this in mind: people are attracted to the things that are most similar to them. Relatability is the magic ingredient in establishing your brand’s voice. Be like your audience; be human. -written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally 

    Content Marketing is More Than You Think

    'Content marketing’- you’ve probably heard those buzzwords flying around the Internet by now, but what does it even mean? And more importantly, how does it fit in with your social media strategy as a business? Content marketing is defined as “providing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience.”  Providing free value can fall into an array of categories, some of which include blog posts, podcast episodes, and social media content. Content Flow Chart Blackboard Social media is no doubt our favorite! It is the most widely used platform when it comes to content marketing. It is not only well recognized, but more importantly,  it’s where your customers live.  By providing valuable content via social media, you have an opportunity, easier than ever before, to directly reach your target market. As a business, you can utilize this tactic as full leverage. Here's how:

    6 Ways to Use Content Marketing For Social Media

    1. Share Photos and Videos

    Marketing expert, Amy Porterfield, once said, “Images spread like wildfire.” We are the generation of  communicating via visuals. Statistics show that photos get an 87% interaction rate from your fans.
    1. Share Engaging Content

    Fill in the blanks, polls, myth busters, true or false, and multiple choice questions are just a few ways to gear up viewer engagement. You have a much better shot at keeping your customer around if you actively interact with them.
    1. Share Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

    We live in the era of free information. As a business owner, it’s essential to stay competitive by providing valuable information. Share tips and tricks specific to your industry and audience.
    1. Play on Nostalgia

    People love to reminisce on their past. Think about your average customer’s age and what decade they best resonate with. Jump on the  #ThrowBackThursday and #FlashBackFriday train and have some fun with your fans!
    1. Share Behind The Scenes Footage

    Whether it’s photos of employees in the workplace or snippets of projects that are in the works, customers love to get a feel of what a company is like behind the scenes. Nowadays, platforms like Snapchat and Instagram allow people to post in real-time, giving the user an “insider” experience.
    1. Communicate What Your Company Does

    It is no myth--companies that effectively communicate with their customers are winning in the marketplace. If your target audience has a solid understanding of what your company does and how it will benefit them, they will most likely stick with you. There is no right or wrong when it comes to social media content marketing. Get creative, test out different strategies, and see what best works for your company.  And lastly, remember to always keep your end goal in mind! -written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally  

    3 Reasons to NOT Hate the New Instagram Logo

    3 Reasons to NOT hate the new Instagram logo (1) Unless you’ve been hiding under an enormous rock, you’ve probably heard all the buzz about Instagram’s new logo.  The social media platform changed its iconic camera logo and replaced it with a simplistic, colorful design that somewhat resembles a camera - and Millennials are freaking out all over social media. Although most Instagram users are not a fan of the new logo, we were quite impressed. Instagram took the time to recognize what photography and art mean in today’s world. Their eye-catching video navigates through the brand’s process of dissecting the original polaroid image to recreate a more modern and bright icon. It’s sleek, it’s colorful and it symbolizes what the modern day camera is. The new logo and clean black & white interface allows more emphasis to be made on people’s photography. Although people don’t like change, it’s time to embrace it and understand that as the world changes around us, a modern photo app like Instagram should change, too. Take a deeper look at our 3 reasons you should not hate the new Instagram logo:


    The new Instagram logo reflects a sleek, modern look similar to Apple’s icons. Besides the simplicity in the logo design, Instagram also followed up with a chic update to the overall app design.
    “The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app,” Instagram said in its recent blog post.


    Why should an app as modern and revolutionary as Instagram be tied down to such an old-fashioned logo. I’d bet some kids don’t even know that the old logo was supposed to be a camera. Cameras haven’t looked like that in decades. Do people even use cameras anymore? Who needs to when we have, well Instagram.


    We don’t need an excuse to love hilarious tweets. Thanks Instagram for fueling the creativity of social media users everywhere. tweet_socialally_instagramlogo

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