6 Ways to Humanize Your Social Media Efforts

humanize your brand

Navigating the social world as a brand can often times feel intimidating. If social media is mostly comprised of individuals interacting with other individuals, then how do you position yourself as a company? After all, you want to sound like a human, not just another promotional company.

6 Ways to Humanize Your Brand

  1. Be a Person on Social Media, Not a Robot

There’s a lot to be said about a company that takes the time to be authentic and personal on social media. Sure, automation works in some forms, but when it comes to dealing with a fan at hand, it’s important they know there is a real person, behind the keyboard, not a robot. This will show that your company cares, and in turn, it will build loyalty in your brand.show that your company cares, and in turn, it will build loyalty in your brand.


  1. Speak in Your Customer’s Lingo

If your audience is mainly educated professionals, then speaking to them in a formal manner  would be a lot more ideal than using street jargon. The same goes for social media. Consider who your audience is, how they best communicate, and what they relate to.


  1. Engage and Interact With Your Fans

If you don’t want to look like another stationary logo on the internet, it’s important to interact with your fans. Spark a conversation, reply back to people, give shout outs, respond to customer complaints… you get the picture. Take ownership in showing your audience that their voices matter most.


  1. Own Up to Your Mistakes

Considering the topic of discussion is humanizing your brand, we can all admit to making our fair share of mistakes. I mean we really are human after all! Own up to typos, poor word choice, and blunt blunders. Poke fun at yourself light-heartedly and fess up folks.


  1. Use Humor to Connect With Your Audience

As humans, we can always count on laughter to unite us. Stimulating an emotional response is the easiest way to connect with your audience. So, what better way than making them smile? Remember to keep the humor tailored toward your ideal customer.


  1. Keep up With Timely Events

Being active in the present is a sure way to keep people’s attention. This goes for holidays, trends, news, national days, etc. Your audience will trust you more in knowing you are not a machine, but a person, like them, who has a grasp on the things going on around them.


As for final thoughts, remember to always keep this in mind: people are attracted to the things that are most similar to them. Relatability is the magic ingredient in establishing your brand’s voice. Be like your audience; be human.

-written by Angela Grieco at Social Ally