3 Reasons to NOT Hate the New Instagram Logo

3 Reasons to NOT hate the new Instagram logo (1)

Unless you’ve been hiding under an enormous rock, you’ve probably heard all the buzz about Instagram’s new logo.  The social media platform changed its iconic camera logo and replaced it with a simplistic, colorful design that somewhat resembles a camera – and Millennials are freaking out all over social media.

Although most Instagram users are not a fan of the new logo, we were quite impressed. Instagram took the time to recognize what photography and art mean in today’s world. Their eye-catching video navigates through the brand’s process of dissecting the original polaroid image to recreate a more modern and bright icon.

It’s sleek, it’s colorful and it symbolizes what the modern day camera is. The new logo and clean black & white interface allows more emphasis to be made on people’s photography. Although people don’t like change, it’s time to embrace it and understand that as the world changes around us, a modern photo app like Instagram should change, too.

Take a deeper look at our 3 reasons you should not hate the new Instagram logo:


The new Instagram logo reflects a sleek, modern look similar to Apple’s icons. Besides the simplicity in the logo design, Instagram also followed up with a chic update to the overall app design.

“The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app,” Instagram said in its recent blog post.


Why should an app as modern and revolutionary as Instagram be tied down to such an old-fashioned logo. I’d bet some kids don’t even know that the old logo was supposed to be a camera. Cameras haven’t looked like that in decades. Do people even use cameras anymore? Who needs to when we have, well Instagram.


We don’t need an excuse to love hilarious tweets. Thanks Instagram for fueling the creativity of social media users everywhere.