What not to like about Paid followers

What NOT to “Like” about Paid Followers and Likes

What not to like about Paid followers

Alright everyone.  Are you sitting down?  Let’s talk about this.  You’ve likely received an email or message from some strange source claiming they can provide you with Likes, Followers or Fans for a nominal fee.  Sure, it sounds enticing.  Why not just pay a few bucks and instantly bump your fanbase up a couple thousand notches?

Well, as your online Ally, we feel it’s imperative we tell you why to avoid such spam and to save more than just your money – but your dignity too.

We have been in this social media game before it even had a name.  Naturally, people want to capitalize on quick ways to leverage via loopholes. But buying from an unknown source is not even as profitable as a pyramid scheme – and we all know how those are fairing these days. We have been in the social media game for quite some time and we know social media like the back of our selfie-taking hands.

Anyone that “guarantees” LIKES, FOLLOWERS or FANS is clearly relying upon quantity over quality.

5 reasons NOT to buy fans, followers or likes

1 – The accrued fans are likely not active users.

fryfakefollowersThey are fake accounts that have been made to follow a host of other paid customers pages – oftentimes even your competitors.  There will be no engagement whatsoever from these accounts so you are paying for non-existent customers who will never convert.

2 –  They hurt your Influence – which IS MEASURED.


Even though your profile may appear well-liked and interesting, a score is assigned to you factoring everything from your audience and the ratio of engagement.  When you have high numbers of followers but limited engagement, it is clear to the powers-that-be that you are not a highly-engaged page which in turn, keeps you from climbing the ranks of search engines.

3 – Your audience can fall as fast as it rose, taking your credibility with it.


With social media outlets monetizing their services, they easily find and rid fake accounts on their platforms. So, you can expect your purchased pals to be removed and your pages even suspended – all without a trace of a refund from your previously unknown friend-finder.  Now, you’ve lost more than your fake friends. Your dignity and organic efforts (assuming you were hopefully sharing authentic content on your page) all go down the drain with the money you spent as well.

4 – They are outside your demographic.

Even though some companies have claimed to help you with active users, the sources still may be comprised of audiences that are well outside of your location, niche audience and even your language.  What good is any lead if they aren’t the least bit interested in what you have to offer?

Why are all their followers from Turkey? Fake followers.

5 – Potential for Identity Theft.


All too often, in order to upload the likes, fans and followers, your account information is requested. For someone who isn’t terribly familiar with social media accounts, you may find yourself giving more information than you intend to. Whether it is your profile account information or even your credit card on file for the initial purchase, you may find you gained more than a few fake friends, but also an additional identity.


So what is the best way to move forward without joining the fake FAN-WAGON? ORGANIC, AUTHENTIC engagement.  Proactive outreach.  Good, solid, genuine posting that inspires like-minded professionals, peers and potentials alike to connect with you and perhaps later convert as a customer.  Quality content brings quality leads.


Written by StevieAnne Petitt