Facebook Networking… There’s a Better Way!


Raise your hand (off your keyboard) if you have a Facebook account.

Just as we suspected, your Facebook is leading the way as the most robust outlet when it comes to connecting and communicating with others.  Few people use Facebook for all it has to offer.  It is more than sharing a meme about cats or a picture of the meals you are noshing on. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we want to help people use social media to best of their ability.

Facebook can truly be used as a means of connecting with like-minded people that are already congregating in pre-set groups, actively discussing the very topics you are interested in, passionate about and likely sharing via a practice or business.

Here are 5 ways to use Facebook effectively when searching for the ideal groups to connect with:

1 – Using the graph search bar at the top, write words related to your industry.  Say, for example, you’re a salon owner and you decide to search “beauty” like I did in the image below. A collection of top trending posts that contain the keyword, beauty, will pop up in your search results. These posts can be commented on and even shared on your own page(s) to keep the conversation going where you can manage and maintain rapport with others.




2 – Use the second tab, “People” to connect with like-minded professionals or peers.  You also can use this to identify who works in respective fields that you may be interested in collaborating with.




3 –  The fourth tab highlights Pages that exist for either brands or groups discussions. Connect here, while also heeding the rules therein, so that you can optimally exchange in dialogue with those involved.



4 – Another amazing opportunity to connect with either brick and mortar locations or online “places” that you can essentially connect with and contribute to:



5 – Events can also be found where you can either continue to network in person, or also reach out to participate as a presenter yourself!



The above search box options work as an incredible tool to get you closely connected to the ideal groups, people, places and events where the sharing of your passion and purpose would be well-received.