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    What Color IS the F#%$ing Dress!?

    There are some questions that were never meant to be answered. What is the meaning of life? What does this all mean? Where do we come from? And maybe the most potent of all… what color was #thedress ?

    Yesterday, the internet was torn apart by a phenomenon of the dress. Lines were drawn, threats were made, and a lot of googling probably happened. It seemed we never would reach a consensus on if this dress was black/blue or white/gold.

    Survey Says…


    But do you really want the answer?

    Don’t worry, you aren’t going blind. No, you don’t have brain cancer, and no, the illuminati was not involved in any way. You may find that the real answer is even weirder than you thought.

    The facts: Yes, the way our retinas receive light varies person to person. However, the reason you see different colors is not based on the light coming into your eyes. It is based on the way your brain interprets that light. That’s right, it is your brain that decides if the dress is dark or light.  Some is based on the gradient, some is based on the angle of your screen, but much of it is actually based on your own preconceptions and memories of those colors. Scientists say that even the texture of the lace can trigger a color memory in your brain.

    What color is the dress?!



    Now, you may be saying ‘’But that doesn’t answer the F#$^%ng question!” Some internet fans have already discovered that the dress, sold online, is actually black/blue. But it didn’t stop this dress from almost tearing families at the seams.




    At least these guys are in the spirit:












    Written by: Jared Doles
    Social Ally 
    Social Media and Branding Agency

    Post of Facebook’s Past – Pre-Scheduling on your FanPage

    At SocialAlly, we don’t work on Sundays. We use the weekends to get inspired, connect and nurture our creative spirits.  Yet, this blog post makes its debut automatically on Sunday, after being pre-scheduled on our social media dashboard! Using pre-scheduled options allow entrepreneurs to draft campaigns and posts when inspired and then strategically send them out when the time is right.  Us entrepreneurs have much to do and must allot our free time to pursing our passions and following our purpose! Below, are steps that show you how to use your Facebook FanPage to pre-schedule posts for future times you deem best to be viewed!

    Post of Facebook's Past - Pre-Scheduling on your FanPage


    Step1:  Compose the message as you normally would.  Click on the arrow to the right of ‘Post’ clicking ‘Schedule Post’.






    Post of Facebook's Past - Pre-Scheduling on your FanPage


    Step 2: Following the queues provided, schedule a time for your post to be shared between 10 minutes and 6 months. *Want to know a #SocialMedia secret? SocialAlly regularly shares updated trending post times for various outlets. Follow us for timely strategies.





    Post of Facebook's Past - Pre-Scheduling on your FanPage


    Step 3: After you’ve selected your future post time, you’ll see it appear appropriately in your timeline/feed as 1 Scheduled Post





    Post of Facebook's Past - Pre-Scheduling on your FanPage


    Step 4: Need to adjust the time? No problem. Click ‘See Post’ as offered above. Then in the top right corner, select ‘Edit’, ‘Publish Now’ or ‘Delete Post’




    Being an entrepreneur requires a proactive and persistent heart – among many other traits! Use your Facebook FanPage’s free options you help to share your message while maximizing your time.  Here’s a another way you can use Facebook FanPage to do the work while you play! Have multiple accounts?  We can help you schedule on a variety of outlets!

    Written by: StevieAnne Petitt
    Social Ally 
    Social Media and Branding Agency

    Facebook Fan Page will Take yours Calls… to Action

    A “call-to-action” is a phrase or suggestion that helps guide your customers effortlessly from initial contact to  purchasing goods and services.  Having that process flow effortlessly – especially even in your absence – is an incredibly beneficial way to build your online presence consistently, save you time so you can work on your business, and assist your customers in getting what they need quickly and efficiently as well.

    Good news is, your Facebook Fan Page offers this option for you and it is displayed right in the line of sight for customers on your profile’s banner image.  See how easy it is to set it up below:

    Facebook Fan Page will Take yours Calls... to Action - Social Ally USA


    Step 1: Click the “Create Call-to-Action” button





    Facebook Fan Page will Take yours Calls... to Action - Social Ally USA


    Step 2: You are given several options including Shop Now, Sign Up, Contact Us and more! Choose the action button that best describes the page they will be directed to.  If it is purchasing your goods, perhaps “Shop now”. If offering a course or training, consider “Sign up”. And so on.




    Facebook Fan Page will Take yours Calls... to Action - Social Ally USA


    Step 3: Here, I have chosen ‘Contact Us’, as I am directing consumers to a website where they can do a multitude of purchasing, reading or sign-ups. Use which button is best for what you are offering.





    Facebook Fan Page will Take yours Calls... to Action - Social Ally USA


    Step 4:  Follow additional queues for each respective call-to-action you set up.  Here, the ‘Contact Us’ option prompts us to annotate where interested people are sent when accessing from an iPhone or an iPad. Again, simply annotate whether this call-to-action link you are directing them to is a website or an app.




    Facebook Fan Page will Take yours Calls... to Action - Social Ally USA


    Step 5:  Celebrate your new call-to-action!  Request a friend or fellow partner to provide feedback on how well it functions and if it is relevant to your overall Facebook Fan Page theme. If you are featuring a ‘Sign Up’ button, a majority of your Fan Page’s posts should be relevant to that time-sensitive campaign.  If ‘Shop now’, the overall theme of your page should display your products with descriptions. You get the idea.




    You have a passion and purpose. Unique gifts and services.  And people desire what you have to offer. Providing a call-to-action gives consumers direction and allows them to easily follow-through with purchasing your goods or contacting you.  If you’re going to use a Facebook Fan Page, use it optimally.  Hook up your Pinterest and attach your Instagram accounts as well in a matter of seconds with our step-by-step blogs.

    Written by: StevieAnne Petitt
    Social Ally 
    Social Media and Branding Agency  

    Make your Facebook Fan Page “Pinterest”ing… Add your Pins to the Menu!

    Are you using your Facebook Fan Page optimally?  Though Facebook has changed many features and algorithms behind-the-scenes, there are additional ways you can still use the versatile platform to showcase your business and products for free! All while making it easy for fans to connect quickly with you on media outlets you mutually share.

    This time around we are sharing how to add your current Pinterest pins to your Fanpage, just like the previously shared step-by-step guide we created for you to add your Instagram Feed!

    Its a simple process to add your Pinterest pins to your Facebook Fan Page’s menu tab:


    Screenshot 2015-02-19 13.15.35

    Step 1: From your personal page (just to pull up the appropriate fan pages linked to your account), type “Pinterest Page App” in the search box.






    Screenshot 2015-02-19 12.56.22


    Step 2: Select which fan page you will be adding your respective Pinterest pins to





    Screenshot 2015-02-19 12.57.00

    Step 3: Allow permissions for outside agency to connect the two outlets (if you agree with their terms and policy)






    Screenshot 2015-02-19 12.59.18


    Step 4: Configure settings as you deem fit for your own fan page





    Screenshot 2015-02-19 13.01.34

    Step 5:  Enjoy having your pins displayed on your fan page as well, which gives interested page viewers more of what they desire in one location!  Easy browsing makes for increased shopping and also shares your personality, attracting loyalty from like-minded pinners.

    * Consider making some pin boards private by logging into your main Pinterest page in a separate browser if you’d prefer some boards not show on your Facebook Fan Page.


    Here’s to making your Facebook Fan Page of interest with Pinterest!


    Written by: StevieAnne Petitt
    Social Ally 
    Social Media and Branding Agency 

    Fancy Up Your FanPage – 7 Steps to Add Instagram

    Are you using your Facebook Fan Page optimally?  Though Facebook has changed many features and algorithm behind-the-scenes, there are many additional ways you can still use the very versatile platform to showcase your business and products for free while also making it easy for fans to connect quickly with you on other media outlets you mutually share.

    Below is a step-by-step guide displaying the simple process to add your Instagram feed to your Facebook Fan Page:

    Screenshot 2015-02-18 16.32.54


    Step 1: While logged into your personal account, type ‘Instagram Feed Tab for Pages’ in your Search box. Highlight, then click.

    * The Instagram tab will not be placed on your personal page, however, you must begin the process from your personal page to correctly list the fan page you are interested in adding the IG Feed to.




    Screenshot 2015-02-18 16.33.03


    Step 2: You will be prompted to allow access. Approve, if willing.




    Screenshot 2015-02-18 16.35.23


    Step 3: Pick your page. If you run multiple pages, you will be asked to select the appropriate page relevant to the Instagram Feed you intend on uploading.




    Screenshot 2015-02-18 16.40.02


    Step 4: Authorize access to Instagram IGFeed.




    Screenshot 2015-02-18 16.40.42


    Step 5: You will see your Instagram tab on your chosen Fan Page menu bar.




    Screenshot 2015-02-19 09.26.46


    Step 6: As you begin to add more tabs to strengthen the connection between your various media outlets, you may find that recently added tabs are located under the drop down menu tab, titled: “More”.




    So, there you have it.  You have fancied up your Facebook Fan Page with another outlet that makes it easier and faster for others to connect with you and your services on other platforms.  This alone helps you strengthen your web presence and shows you as a consistently-followed leader in your respective industry.

    Written by: StevieAnne Petitt
    Social Ally 
    Social Media and Branding Agency


    3 Successful Tweets Building a Nest of Real Estate Followers on Twitter

    It is no secret that Twitter is one of the world’s most popular and heavily visited social media outlets on the web. With that said, it is beyond beneficial to have your brand’s voice tweeting your services as a Realtor to a community that boasts 288 million users monthly.


    Twitter was created with the mission to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. Sounds like the ideal place to share your passion and purpose of Real Estate while connecting to those who can best benefit from such, yes?


    It can seem overwhelming at first to take on a new media outlet or to begin to understand the psychology of building a following in a very limited 140-character world.


    Check out these below examples that make an impact with even the most simplistic approaches:

    Screenshot 2015-02-18 09.46.43


    Here, @TopTenRealEstat uses a few key strategies:

    1- They are consistently sharing information. Some informative, some humorous and some enticing – all while keeping the same tone of relevance in the housing market.

    2- Limited to 140 characters, they leave intriguing lead-ins (like “this metropolis” and “This head coach”) prompting folks to keep guessing until they click the available link that leads to their website.

    3- With minimal use of hashtags, they marry their one obvious call-to-action URL with a light-hearted, timely Valentine’s Day theme.


    Screenshot 2015-02-18 09.49.08



    To the right, @LennarDallas welcomes their newest homeowners, the Rogers, to the Lennar family.  This is sure to excite the Rogers family and reaffirm that they made the right choice with Lennar – heightening the likelihood they will share this post with friends and family as well. Not only will they excitedly share with their fellow Twitter followers, but those that see it will perhaps choose Lennar first as they would feel like more than just a “sale”.

    Imagine how you and your clients would feel after you made a purchase and were highlighted and celebrated as becoming a valued part of that company’s community?  This can go a very long way with not just your value, but also your visibility as a  the go-to agent.


    Screenshot 2015-02-18 09.53.27



    Here @candacejackson tweets something that engages the masses! With 62 favorites and 85 retweets (and counting), she has offered a very welcoming and empowering approach to her readers that gives the home shoppers extra leverage.  This offers her a perceived reputation of someone who isn’t out to just earn a dollar and that she understand the value of her clients’ comfort with securing such a large purchase.





    These folks have got it down and if you tailor similar posts to theirs, you’ll find yourself right at home with Twitter!  Stay consistent, highlight and celebrate the families you work with and share information that engages and benefits many without pushing a promotion for your services.  Your personality and presence alone will build your brand and connect you to like-minded people that are sure to “appreciate over time”.


    Written by: StevieAnne Petitt
    Social Ally 
    Social Media and Branding Agency


    #Facebook #Realtors #SocialMedia #Marketing

    3 Facebook Posts that House Quality Content from Successful Realtors

     Realtors have arguably one of the most exciting and potentially demanding careers in the world.   It takes a whole “lot” of entrepreneurial spirit and passion to thrive in such an ever-evolving profession! The good news is, social media has as many outlets as there are MLS listings and many of your prospective homebuyers are already dwelling on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

    After asking on various outlets the five most important traits when trusting a realtor with such a long-term and significant purchase of buying a home, the overall consensus was that the following traits were critical:

    • Ethics – show the fruits of your labor often and post with integrity
    • Hustle – respond quickly and effectively
    • Engaging – ask questions that inspire others to engage
    • Generous with Knowledge – provide information that not only benefits readers but shows you are up-to-date with current market trends
    • Attention-to-Detail – Be sure to share posts that speak to unique needs of your potential renters and buyers

    Below are some well-constructed Facebook posts you can mirror when tailoring your campaigns so that you are sharing your passion while offering reasons homebuyers and renters should be SOLD on you!

    #Facebook #Realtors #SocialMedia #Marketing



    This post by Sun Realty Outer Bank Vacation Rentals captivates with scenery, engages with a question that really allows for previous visitors to reminisce on the best of their vacation and attract interest of new visitors on your behalf.   This post is likely to bring in new renters while bringing back previous ones.

    Screenshot 2015-02-13 12.52.55



    Here, Dave Benton uses Facebook to generously share guidance that not only empowers the clients but also may make his future process with interested homebuyers that much more successful.



    Screenshot 2015-02-17 15.59.12




    Village Realty OBX generated a post that shows off an available property, but only after showcasing some residents enjoying it and highlighting the unique dog-friendly feature that will prompt securing that location “fur”st.





    Moving forward, you can truly sum up all of the traits that make you a unique and ideal candidate for the property-buying process if you post from passion, engage authentically in dialogue and stay consistent with your media presence.


    Written by: StevieAnne Petitt
    Social Ally 
    Social Media and Branding Agency

    “This.” is a New Outlet Prompting us to Think before we Link

    “This.” Is All That


    A new media outlet has hit the map and though it is currently still in beta-testing mode, “This”. has a reputation that is preceding its launch. As online social outlets like Screenshot 2015-02-11 12.36.50Facebook, Google and Pinterest are moving away from promotional-only posts and getting back to the root of “social” media – that is, engagement – “This.” is setting the stage for relational sharing.


    “This” will only allow for one link share per day for its users. “This” invites others to selectively share quality over quantity.   Now, with such exclusivity, it may not be boasted as the next favorite, but even if it doesn’t attract millions of users, its content is likely to feed like-minded connections topics that are interesting, valuable and relevant.


    Perhaps, too, sharing just one well-thought out campaign per day will assist others in posting from passion, while also encouraging interaction as readers are aware it’s their one shot that day for said link.


    Of course, users may keep their other media outlets while finding that “This.” is where they go to connect with like-minded friends, genuinely-generated content and thoughtfully shared stories. “This.” will prompt you to think before you link.

    Group Tweeting is for Tha’ Birds!

    Group TWEETING is for Tha’ BIRDS!


    How cool! #Twitter has announced the ability to direct message multiple folks at once! This is IDEAL for planning a surprise party, brainstorming ideas in confidence before they hit the public or even conspiring a conversation between specific Twitter users that you wish to be exclusively invited!


    Check out this feed below between friends planning a gift for a mutual pal.Screenshot 2015-02-09 16.39.57







    With the ability to add up to 20 people in each conversation, simply scroll through your followers and identify who you wish to be included in the correspondence!

    Screenshot 2015-02-09 16.41.19








    Get creative as you’d like! This Direct Message feature allows for a variety of expression! Whether you’re using links, emojis, text, pics or tweets… it’s all good!

    Screenshot 2015-02-09 16.44.11


    Want to know more about how to use Twitter to connect with your fellow followers? Visit our #YouTube channel at http://bit.ly/SocialAllyYouTube !

    3 TIPS to get INSTA-interaction on your #INSTAGRAM

    #1 Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

    Most companies don’t understand the power of the hashtag. Think of a hashtag as a folder that holds all the pictures around a topic, for easy and effective viewing. When you search a certain hashtag, every picture posted that used the same hashtag will show up for a user to view.

    By using relevant hashtags on your Instagram photos, you are making it possible for people that aren’t currently following your company’s profile to see your photos, engage with them, and encourage following!

    **Tip: Keep your company’s Instagram “public” so pictures will populate in a hashtag folder.

    Triangle Bikini Blog




    Imagine, you were shopping for a Triangle Bikini or any product you may be interested in buying and you wanted to see if this is a product you really want. When you search for the hashtag #TrinaglesBikini you will see hundreds of pictures that people have posted wearing that particular type of bikini.






    Screenshot 2015-02-03 10.10.16                                                                 #2 Don’t be Afraid to be Human!

    Instagram is more than just words, you are given the ability to convey your company’s voice and image in pictures! It is important to show your brand has a personality and not just a promotional agenda.

    A great example of “humanizing” your brand is a yoga studio taking pictures and giving shout-outs to their “student of the week” or putting up a post of people mastering a headstand. When you post a picture of someone, make sure you tag them, so their followers can see the photo you posted and sneak over to take a look at your engaging company profile. Any company could benefit from making their brand more humanistic as it gives your brand a personality that people feel comfortable working with or buying from.

    #3 Get in Front of the “Right” People

    You can use hScreenshot 2015-02-03 12.46.58ashtags in reverse as well! Try searching a hashtag that is relatable to your company. For instance, if you own a massage studio, you can search for the hashtag #Mom. When all the pictures of people that have hashtagged “#Mom” show up, comment with something engaging . “You’re a supermom! How do you juggle triplets!?” This makes that person feel special and put your brand directly in their “line of vision.” Maybe that busy mom even finds a few minutes to take a look at your engaging Instagram profile and follows you, or even better say “Hey, I think it’s time for a massage”