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    Marrying your Passion and Purpose? Get ENGAGED First!

    Marrying your PASSION and PURPOSE?   Get ENGAGED first!


    We all have Purpose (yes, capital “P”) and we all have Passion. Furthermore, we all inherently deserve to live a human experience living prosperously in the marriage of the two.   Engage

    What makes us entrepreneurs so inspiring and attractive is our unrelenting pursuit to marry our dreams with our daily lives. We have a strong sense of Self and our gifts, and feel confident sharing our services with anyone interested in saying “I do.”

    But that’s just it. When we embark on such, we are committing to our customers. We oftentimes have such colorful and captivating images of our wedding bliss, that we forget to be present in the ENGAGEMENT – and being focused on this important time will only enhance the longevity between you and your clients’ relationship.

    Very few business owners understand the importance of engagement – the process that takes place before the commitment. If you want to move forward in a lasting relationship with clients, you are encouraged to return to the basics of dating to build a union that is one of respect and retention.

    To be ENGAGED means to interact. Remember these basics as you venture into business bliss with your customers:


    • COMMUNICATION is key. And it’s a two-way street. Listen to your customers. Engage with them in dialogue that is authentic and candid.


    • BE YOURSELF. Stay true to you and your services. What resonates with you will attract clients of like-mind.


    • BE CURIOUS. Truly care about what your customers’ wants and needs are. Ask questions that give insight into who your supporters are so you can better understand their desires.


    • TRUSTWORTHINESS. Create campaigns that honor you and your customers.


    • BE OPEN-MINDED. Consider advice and suggestions that may better build the bridge between you and your customers. If it doesn’t lead to your vision, simply share consciously and candidly about your way forward.


    • COMPROMISE. If any party feels unfairly treated in a relationship, offering options that honor all is an ideal way to build rapport or part on good terms.


    • HEALTHY DIALOGUE. Not only do you want to encourage interaction and engagement, but you want to foster one of mutual respect.


    • HUMOR. Who doesn’t love a good laugh – even a self-deprecating one? Humanize your brand with insight into what brings your company joy. Your customers will appreciate this side of you and your business.


    • ATTRACTIVENESS. However you deem fit. Ideally, the goal here is to appeal to your audience. Take care of yourself and your business. The better your brand feels and looks, the more attracted (that is energetically drawn) others are to you.


    • FAITHFULNESS. If you want customers retention, you need to be there for them consistently as well. Need I say more?


    • INTELLECTUAL. Stay on-top of your industry and ensure you are educating your clients on why your products and services are worth life-long commitment.



    Of course, you can add or revise any of the above traits, keeping in mind that in the world of marketing your services, you are ultimately marketing your self. It is beneficial to revisit the critical qualities in courting that make for a lasting relationship with those involved. Here’s to celebrating your engagement – which will only lead a strong marriage of your passion and purpose!


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    Be in the KNOW with #SEO: Use our “Spidey-Senses” to Build Your Web Presence

    We’ve all heard it… “SEO”… Search Engine Optimization.   That is, the complex process of collecting data to yield the most effective results when searching for communities or commodities online.

    SEO has changed a great deal in the last year, and is ever-evolving.  The good news is, to evolve is to grow. To progress. To advance.  And with this evolution of algorithms, the math now matches Social Ally’s values and morals as a leading company in brand building and social media management.

    Social media is an incredibly beneficial tool that allows us to share our passions and products with the entire world.  It is all interconnected… just as it is often referred to as… a world-wide “web”!download

    We are all like social spiders connecting and visiting others through various paths.  Finding there are many mutual correlations that link us all.    We discover that some threads are well-spun and have become a frequently-visited spot where a lot of traffic and communication take place. We want to build the same web presence so we find our names at the top of search engines sharing our services.

    Though #SEO is a complex formula, our “Spidey-senses” below serve as the 8 legs of building a Web worth frequenting this 2015:

    1. Create content you are passionate about.  In the web world, short, powerful posts are stronger and appeal to more folks.
    2. Set aside time to share consistent and current campaigns, news and offers.
    3. Have more real estate. (As much as you can manage). There are tons of free social media outlets. Reach multiple audiences and multiple outlets with an all-in-one dashboard here. (hyperlink ”here”  http://socialallyaz.com/dashboard2/)
    4. Use and create images that are engaging and likely to be shared.
    5. Hang out. Don’t string your connections along. Engage those who visit your areas of the web and leave comments.  What good is being connected, if we aren’t connecting?
    6. Get entangled in a good way!  Interweave your web content with that of other successful, like-minded professionals or public figures in your respective field.  Share their content, engage with them and build a rapport so you can expand your traffic.
    7. Nice threads!  Spend the time and money to invest in your online appearance so that it truly represents you.
    8. BE YOU! No two webs are identical.  It is great to get ideas from others, but this is YOUR PASSION and YOUR PRODUCTS that you are sharing with the masses. Have fun! Be inspired!