The Difference Between a Business BLOG and a ‘BLAH’G

The Difference Between a Business BLOG and a ‘BLAH’G

By Stevie Petitt


Blogging can be an incredibly beneficial way to build your unique brand and promote your services, all while authentically expressing who you are and what makes your products and services distinct. To successfully start and maintain a blog, there are a few key strategies to adopt that will keep your content from being “Blah”, while keeping your readers engaged and tuning in for more.

1.Seeing as we are building a blog, the beginning stages are very similar to any other project. Lay a solid foundation. One that you can stand firmly upon. Speak from your passion, purpose, beliefs and values stem from and the content should flow easily and with conviction from what readers will receive as “your voice”.

blogging-encouragement2.”If you build it, they will come”. A blog need not cater to all people who read it. In fact, just like any business coach may tell you, sharing content tailored to your unique niche may serve best as it will attract not just like-minded readers, but devoted and passionate ones! You can bet that if your readers enjoy your blog, they will likely follow you on other projects and forms of media.

3.Rome wasn’t built in a day and any successful blog takes both time and effort also. Though it may seem overwhelming, the truth is that devoting just a small, thoughtful and consistent amount of time daily or weekly to blogging will help you create your own marketing masterpiece.

4. Add some video content. Give your blog a little more personality… by inviting more of yours! Keeping your videos under 2 minutes is ideal and creating content that doesn’t just showcase your personality, but also your tone, passion and enthusiasm for your prospective clientele is sure to win over audiences.

5.Keep it short and sweet. Ideally under 400 words, with images that also accurately convey your passion and purpose!

Follow these tips and you are on your way to a blog that is anything but “blah”. Now, get your blog rolling!