Why is nobody seeing my Facebook Fanpage Updates? FACEBOOK SLASHES ORGANIC REACH

The question I keep hearing from customers: Why is nobody seeing my Facebook Fanpage updates?

BAD NEWS BEARS! Facebook has decided, yet again, to slash their organic reach on Fanpages. However, this time, it has been decreased to shocking 1-2%.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Only 1-2% of your fans on your Facebook fanpage will see your status updates! This can have a major impact on brands who have focused their time and money on building a heavy fanbase on their page.facebook-money social ally #socialally slashes organic reach why is nobody seeing my facebook fanpage status updates

So, let’s think about this logically. Facebook is a business and it’s easy for us, as users, to forget that. Faebook has made it quite apparent that they are in it for the money. As business owners, it’s an important part of your marketing strategy to start thinking about dedicating some of those dollars toward Facebook advertising.

Just to be clear, I’m not happy about that fact that Facebook has made this change. BUT, I am a business owner and I understand WHY they did it. I think it’s important for ALL size business owners to put to bed the thought that social media is free. Social media will only continue to grow; traditional marketing will eventually be completely pushed aside and primary marketing dollars WILL go to social media advertising.

Think about it: would you ever think it would be ‘free’ for your company to advertise on television? NO! So, why would it be FREE for your company to reach targeted, mass audiences on Facebook? This is the kind of thinking YOU, as a business owner, need to start seriously planning for. It’s not out of the questions, that eventually, all social media networks will require some sort of payment to be spent in order to get noticed, make sales and generate leads.

REMEMBER: Fans don’t keep you in business – customers do! Think about how you want to represent your company on your social media networks.

Written by: Natalie Speers

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