Apologies from Social Ally

Hello readers,

On behalf of my company, Social Ally, I would like to offer my apologies for the uproar we have caused today. It has come to my attention, that a Social Ally intern was plagiarizing blog content from other bloggers. My employee was under the impression that if he took content from someone else’s website, he was safe as long as he gave credit and hyperlinked back to the original post at the bottom of his copied post. Action has been taken internally and we can assure you, this will not happen again.

As a young entrepreneur, this day has been quite challenging for me. I have learned what it truly means to be an employer and handle a crisis situation. I hope that the reputation of myself and my company, Social Ally, has not been ruined due to someone else’s actions that I was unaware of. I will continue to work hard and make sure this issue is not repeated.

I sincerely hope this puts a halt to the bad press my company is receiving. I am truly sorry for the misunderstanding and lack of social etiquette. I am praying for a quick resolution and forgiveness.

Thank you,

Natalie Speers
Social Ally Consulting